Just learned that the New York Times has started a China blog called Sinosphere.  I am already enthralled.

The authors of the blog are listed as the following:

  • Jonathan Ansfield
  • David Barboza
  • Keith Bradsher
  • Chris Buckley
  • Andrew Jacobs
  • Ian Johnson
  • Dan Levin
  • Philip P. Pan
  • Jane Perlez
  • Austin Ramzy
  • Didi Kirsten Tatlow
  • Bettina Wassener
  • Edward Wong

I am well aware of many of these authors from the great journalism they have done for the New York Times and elsewhere.  This is an incredibly strong line-up for any blog and Sinosphere has come fast out of the gate, with four posts on its first day, including my favorite, entitled, Plastic Merges into China’s Farmland: Report, on how Chinese farmers’ long-time use of plastic on their fields is polluting the soil through leaching (ugh!).

I have already added Sinosphere to my blog reader and I urge all who are interested in China to do the same.

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