Co-blogger Steve Dickinson and I will be giving a presentation at AmCham (Beijing) on September 24, from noon until 2 p.m.  AmCham just posted this event but I do not think its posting (which we did not review before it went live) is quite clear enough on what we will be discussing.

So I will try to get clear on that right here and now.

China is obviously going through a lot of changes — when is it not?  It should go without saying that those changes are impacting foreign businesses that do business in China or with China.  Steve and I are constantly talking with each other and with our clients and others about how China’s changes are impacting and might impact foreign businesses involved with China.

Since Steve is based in China and I am based in Seattle, we necessarily talk with different people and we necessarily have a different perspective.  So our plan for this upcoming event is to talk about what each of us are seeing/hearing from our own individual perspectives and then comment just a bit on what the other person is seeing/hearing.  We are each going to independently come up with and discuss the five big trends that we see impacting foreign businesses in China or doing business with China.  Honestly, neither of us will know the other’s list until it is presented live at AmCham.  I swear it.

We plan to speak for a combined 30 minutes or so and then open it up for questions.

I’m hoping you-all can stop by with questions.  Go here to read more and to register.