Way back in 2010, I was asked in an NPR interview what I saw as the being the best opportunities for American companies doing business in China or selling to China.  I answered with education, healthcare, food, clean-tech/green-tech, and software. These were the same five industries I had been saying for years.

So I could not have been more delighted to have just seen a Financial Times article, entitled, Hidden benefits of China’s slower growth, quoting Helen Qiao, Morgan Stanley’s Chief China Economist, on how foreign companies can benefit from China’s slowing growth:

As China’s traditional growth drivers fade, other countries and companies need to look at the areas where they can benefit tremendously,” says Ms Qiao from Morgan Stanley. “They should focus on what really bothers Chinese middle class households and where China really needs to fix its problems — problems like pollution, bad traffic, food security, poor-quality medical services and substandard education.

In other words, education, healthcare, food, clean-tech/green-tech, and software (I see software as a way to advance remedies for all of the problems).

What do you think?