Back in the old days, one of my favorite continuing series of posts was the one highlighting promising China blogs.  We take our blogroll very seriously and we do not like adding blogs to it until they have stood the test of time.  Far too many blogs start out really well for a half a year or so and then just disappear, “leaving only a space in the lives of their friends.”

Problem is that the blogosphere just ain’t what it used to be.  Yes, there are still plenty of great China blogs out there, but really good new ones are becoming fewer and farther between.  So I was delighted to have received an email from a regular reader today telling me that I needed to check out the China Business Hand blog because “it is written by someone who understands China and it pulls no punches.”

Great description.

This is a serious blog written by a serious person who seriously knows China and seriously pulls no punches.  It is called the China Business Hand, but so far it has mostly dealt with politics. But if people can say that everything is politics, well I guess I can say that everything is business.

The serious person in question is Steve Barru, who describes himself as having just returned to the United States after 25 years in China, mostly in a business capacity.

I like his blog and I recommend that you go read it.




  • Ryan

    Thanks for the rec, I’ve read a few posts on there and like Steve’s work. Good share!

  • I’ve had a chance to meet Steve Barru several times now since he moved back to Denver. I always walk away with better insights about business in China. I think his blog is just warming up.