The United States Chamber of Commerce recently came out with a report comprehensively detailing what it takes to get a foreign investment approved in China.  I started skimming it, but stopped becuase it caused a sinking feeling in my stomach as it hit too close to home.

But for anyone wondering why it takes so damn much time and takes so damn long to form a WFOE in China (figure on 4-6 months), read the report.  No wonder I use words like “slog” and “excruciating” and “unending” to describe to our clients what it is going to be like as we secure their WFOE registration in China.

Enjoy.  And don’t let anyone tell you that forming a WFOE in China is easy.

  • Mark

    Many of the steps required for WFOE formation as outlined in the USCC document aren’t required for many China market entrants. Yes, the process usually takes 4-6 months. Sometimes longer. But I think words like “slog”, “excruciating” and “undending” are a little strong. Agreed that it isn’t easy but it isn’t “rocket science” either.