In working with a United States fishing company that is looking to expand its operations in China, I came across a very thoughtful article on food safety in China’s fishing industry.  The article is written by a respected publisher in the seafood industry, and someone I have known for years: John Sackton of  The article is entitled, NGO’s grapple with sustainability model in China and because I like its forest level view of China’s fishing industry and because I think what it says has applications to much of China’s food industry, I am putting it forth as a recommended read to anyone with an interest in the food industry.

What do you think?

  • Lucas Blaustein

    There is so much I could say about this topic.

    China’s agricultural industry is in desperate need of development. By China’s Ministry of Agriculture’s own account the development of agricultural production lags 100 years behind that of the United States.

    Chinese is rife with food saftey problems, from shoe-yogurt to hair-soy sauce, there is an excellent opportunity for foregin companies to expand their businesses into the Chinese market.

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