Too good a line not to repeat. It is from the China Business Leadership Blog, in a post entitled Is the End of Cheap China the End of China for the West?  The post is on how AmCham’s recent China business climate survey reveals that “82 percent of respondents surveyed plan to increase investment in their China operations in 2012, with 66 percent saying their goal is to produce goods and services for China, an 8 percent increase from two years ago.” The quote I like is the following:

I do not see any companies around me that are doing the right thing and failing in China. I do personally know companies that are struggling. All of them are struggling because they do not have the right thinking to succeed here as they would if properly led and supported.

In other words, the way you manage your business in China will determine whether you succeed there or not. This mimics something I am always saying, which is that 90 percent of my law firm’s clients seem to be doing very well in China.  I then talk about how, at least to a certain extent this is a self-selective group in that this is a group that is willing to pay American lawyer rates to assure their success in China and so they probably are not skimping in other areas either. Implicit though in all that I am saying is that it is, at least for the most part, the foreign company’s own actions that determine whether it will succeed in doing business in China.

Do you agree?

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