What do you get when you cross a bunch of big name old time serious China bloggers?  A new group China blog with a name (not the blog itself), Rectified.name (yes that’s it, no typo) that is already driving me nuts.  The bloggers are the following:

Jeremiah Jenne. Jeremiah has been writing the Jottings from the Granite Studio blog since 2006.  Jeremiah is a “PhD Candidate, teacher of history, resident of Beijing.” Way back in 2007, in Thinking China Bloggers And More, I had this to say about Jeremiah and his blog:

Jottings from the Granite Studio.  I love this blog. My lack of knowledge of pre-1910 Chinese history is exceeded only by my fascination with it. But since I have neither the time nor the attention span to read a books on it, I get a daily does of it from the Granite Studio instead. The Granite Studio is written by Jeremiah, now living in Beijing and working on a PhD in Chinese history. Fortunately, Jeremiah writes like a real human being, not an academic.

Dave Lyons: Dave used to write the Mutant Palm blog (née February, 2007), of which I had this to say:

Mutant Palm: Dave is also a frequent (and often brilliant) commenter on this blog.  Dave knows and understands China’s interior, and there are damn few who do.  His blog is very new, yet I was so confident of its quality that I put it on the blogroll the day I learned it was up. Dave notes that his moniker is actually davesgonechina, as in davesgonemad.

Will Moss: Will is the brains behind Imagethief, which has been on the net since 2004! Way back in 2007, I had this to say about Imagethief:

Imagethief by Will Moss. Will is a China blogging icon for good reason.  I am jealous of his writing abilities and his sense of humor and I never miss a post. Will is moving to Shanghai and I am looking forward to getting his comments on Shanghai. 

Brendan O’Kane: Brendan’s blog is Bokane.org and he has been writing about China since 2004.  As I said back in 2008, Brendan “is widely regarded as one of the brightest and best writers in the China blogosphere ”

YJ: Though YJ (a/k/a Yajun) has never had her own blog, she has done some great work as a reporter at Christian Science Monitor and as a guest blogger on Jottings from the Granite Studio.  Though Yajun’s blogging history does not run quite so deep as her co-writers, I too have raved about her:

Anyway, about a month ago, Jeremieh took a brief blog hiatus (I love using words like that) and gave his “lovely wife and co-conspirator Yajun” a guest posting slot (can you say Wally Pipp?). Her first post, entitled, “Diversity When? A Guest Post by Yajun,” was so well written and insightful, I immediately wrote Jeremieh requesting he pass on my compliments. Yajun is a Chinese national living in China.

Yajun just wrote yet another excellent post, this one entitled, “The Sino-Japanese Relationship: (apologies to Facebook) It’s Complicated.” It’s a must read.

With an all star cast like this, Rectified.name (I cannot help but every time think of the damn good TV show, Justified) is certain to be a winner and I urge you to put it on your reading list.

But I already have one giant complaint about it. It does not allow for comments. Come on!