Kudos to my basketball-challenged friend over at the always excellent (and often retrograde) What About Paris Blog for alerting me to the China in Africa: The Real Story blog. The China in Africa blog is written by Deborah Brautigam, who describes herself as follows: 

I’m a professor in American University’s International Development Program in the School of International Service. I am spending 2011-2012 as a visiting fellow at IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute). I’ve lived in Asia and Africa, studied Chinese for years, and done research in more than a dozen countries in Africa. In January 2010 I published The Dragon’s Gift, a book on Chinese aid and economic engagement in Africa (Oxford University Press — revised and updated for the paperback edition, published May/June 2011). This blog takes up where that book left off. Stay tuned for analysis of China’s “land grabs” in Africa, the China International Fund in Guinea and Zimbabwe, and so on.

The China in Africa blog is serious, analytical, balanced and interesting, and if you have any interest in what China is doing in Africa and what the impacts of that will be, you need to add it to your feed reader.