Train aficionado, David Feng (and author of China Travel 2.0), recently wrote a very helpful piece for CNNgo on China’s high speed rail, entitled, “A complete guide to China’s high-speed rail: Four expert tips and 5 top lines travelers shouldn’t miss.

If you will be traveling on China’s high-speed rail or even if you are just contemplating doing so, I recommend you check out David’s piece.

Update:  I received an email from a reader, stating the following:  The high speed rail article mentions that foreigners can’t buy tickets online. But I was reading here that now they can. I haven’t bought tickets online myself yet. But should soon, to know for sure.

  • Geoff

    Acturally,China need the high speed rail, but it is too late to build/ We need to build it early 1992.It is shame!!!!