Last November, the Asian Studies Program and the Law School of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Catholic University of Chile) hosted a Summit on Chinese Business Law and Practice in Santiago.  As I mentioned in my post on that event, I had very high hopes for the Summit, in part because it was organized by Marcos Jaramillo, the head of the University’s Asian Studies progrm and someone I have known and respected for years.

Sure enough, the 2010 event was a great success, and I am happy to announce that the Second Summit on Chinese Business Law and Practice is now just around the corner.  It will be held on Friday, November 18th, again at the Catholic University of Chile in Santiago.  Sponsors include the Chilean-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Clifford Chance, and the Chilean Federation of Industry.

And this time, yours truly will be among the speakers. I will be presenting on “Avoiding and Winning Chinese Disputes.”  The Summit will also feature the following:

  • Marcos Jaramillo, giving an “Overview of Dispute Settlement and Options”
  • Tzu-Hsin Shen, speaking on “Litigation in the People’s Courts”
  • Patrick Zheng, speaking on “An Insider’s Perspective: CETAC Arbitration in the Mainland”

Detailed information on the summit is available here.  I hope to see you there/Espero verle allí.