Just watched a video on Shanghaiist, entitled, Everything You Need to Know About China in Ten Minutes.  I love stuff like this and before anyone leaves a comment pointing out the shortcomings of this video, let me state that I realize it is not an encyclopedia. But if you are about to get on a plane to China or about to start doing business with China, there are definitely worse and less enjoyable ways to learn about China than watching this video. Or as Shanghaiist so nicely put it:

Okay, probably not everything you need to know, but this video certainly makes the best attempt we’ve seen so far. They cover everything from economics and regional development to eating habits and even how the concepts of face and guanxi can influence corruption. Despite a few weird mistakes made by the narrator (like China’s “five million year history”) the entire film is very well made with lots of aesthetically pleasing infographics. Seems like the perfect primer for anybody looking to absorb China 101 over their lunch break.

So I say, watch it and enjoy. What do you say?

  • Andy

    I heard “five millennia history” rather than “five million year history”.

  • ron

    The video is gone now. I’d sure like to see it. Do you think it was censored?