I spent my junior year in high school in Istanbul, Turkey. Before I left Istanbul, I sold all of my English language t-shirts for around three times what I had paid for them new. I remember getting $30 for my  “Harris County Community College” t-shirt, which should have had no value to anyone other than me (or anyone else with the last name “Harris”) or to those who attended that school.

What has always bothered/puzzled me is how in so many countries the only t-shirts you can buy are either of horrible quality or they say something on them like “Abercrimbie.” This is generally true in China, where I gave up long ago on buying a really cool, Chinese language t-shirt for my kids.

I gave up too soon.

My law firm recently did some legal work for a company called Unlimited Delicious that just recently got into the business of selling really cool Chinese language t-shirts geared mostly toward a Western aesthetic (or at least one that my kids like).

There are two collections of t-shirts. One of the lines is Travel Hotspots and there you can get t-shirts with drawings of Beijing, Datong, Chongqing, Guilin, Guangzhou, Inner Mongolia, and Tongzhimen. The other line is called “Speak Up” and those shirts consist of drawings of pop culture references.

If you want a great Chinese language t-shirt online, Unlimited Delicious is your place. I have even managed to snare a 20% discount for our readers who type in “CLB” right after checkout.

What do you think?

  • PP

    These are great shirts. Thanks for the link. You are right to note how China does not have its own shirts, but I wish you had analyzed why this is the case. Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam all have great t-shirts for foreigners but China doesn’t. I think it is just further proof of China’s inability to innovate or cater to the marketplace. What we have here are crappy t-shirts that are constantly copied.

  • Richard

    Were these designed by Chinese designers? I’m guessing not…

  • shirt man

    Thanks for the link. Those are cool shirts.

  • Hi Dan.
    Nice post..
    Just curious about which high school you attended in Istanbul? 🙂