China Law Blog’s own Steve Dickinson is going to be setting forth the “golden rules” for managing your Intellectual Property (IP) in China. Steve will be giving this talk on how to protect your IP in China on June 22,  2011, at 4:00 pm at REDSTAR Times Media, Room 41, Building 3, Creative Industry Park, 100 Nanjing Lu, Qingdao. Because Steve’s presentation is part of the China IPR SME Helpdesk attendance is restricted to “only European SMEs and SME intermediaries.”  The event is free and it is described as follows:

Every company operating in China is aware that intellectual property issues are part of the business environment but protecting your rights can seem expensive and complicated. What is the best way to tackle this issue? What are the golden rules? This interactive workshop will provide you with a thorough understanding of the options available for any budget and a checklist of actions you can take to make the most of your intellectual property rights. You will learn from real life case studies and the experience of a local IP expert, Steve Dickinson.

For more information, go here.