I was recently referred to an Kindle Ebook on how to source from China. The eBook is called, “Find a Chinese Manufacturer: a guide to the ins and outs of sourcing from China” [link no longer exists]. It is written by M.Vancisin and it sells for $2.99, strictly as a Kindle eBook.

The writer describes herself and her book as follows (this is from the book itself):

I am a 15-year global supply chain veteran and have worked for several name-brand Fortune 500 companies. I’ve exported and imported goods all over the world and, even with the resources of a multi-billion dollar company at my back, it was never simple.  Experience is what makes a successful supply chain and the information presented here will allow you to build on my expertise toward your own success.

This e-article became a gleam in my eye after reading small business accounts of sourcing goods in China. The problems encountered were all preventable, but no one had yet created a concise and affordable how-to guide like this one. At least not one that people could afford. There are actually some very expensive ebooks being sold by various consultants. I wanted to offer something more affordable because I know what it’s like to dream big with a small budget.

My hope is this article shows small business owners where the starting line is and what the route looks like.

I quickly read the book and it does actually deliver on its goals. It is an excellent starting guide for the small company looking to outsource product from China and needing the basics on how to do so.

The eBookconsists of only around 20 pages broken out by the following chapters:

  • Top 7 Pitfalls of Doing Business in China
  • How to Find a Chinese Manufacturer
  • Verified Suppliers
  • The Internet and Intellectual Property Issues
  • Internet Bait and Switch
  • Anatomy of a Supplier Scam
  • The Value of a Good Middlemen in China
  • Ways to Find Middlemen/Trade Brokers/Consultants
  • Freight Forwarders
  • How to Find a Freight Forwarder
  • Federal Level Resources
  • State Level Resources
  • Trade Shows
  • Face-to-Face Meetings/Factory Tours
  • Mapping the Route: A 10 Point Checklist
  • The Future of Sourcing Goods in China
  • Special Thank You for Readers: Chinese Visas Demystified
  • Additional Resources

In addition to providing good nuts and bolts type information and helpful checklists on China sourcing, it is also chock-full of excellent links. If you are looking to start outsourcing product from China, this eBook should be your starting point.

If you read it, please let us know what you think.

  • M. Vancisin

    Thank you for your support and such a great review!

  • Harland

    Too bad it’s only available if you already own a Kindle.

  • It is an easy read, and it’s only 20 pages long. I think it is a good introduction for inexperienced buyers, and it is primarily aimed at those based in the United States.

  • I haven’t seen this ebook,it makes me frustrated is how hard to make business partner with Chinese.

  • TonyT

    I’m not a Kindle fan (since it’s a closed format), but Amazon has made Kindle reader software available for many platforms, including PC’s, iPhone/iPad, and Android.

  • I edited this book for M Vancisin, and was picked for this task because of my knowledge about China. I lived in Beijing for two years where I worked for China Daily, which doesn’t always get the best reviews on this site, but working there was an interesting experience that made me appreciate that much more the freedom of the press we have in the USA. I return to China almost every year, including twice in 2008. I was impressed with M’s knowledge of the China scene, and am glad that others find the information useful, too.
    Thank you for giving her book a positive review!

  • Just curious. Are Kindles blocked in China? I once read that they were, but haven’t kept up with that case. We’re pretty out of it here in HK with what’s allowed and not allowed over the border.

  • M. Vancisin

    You don’t have to own a Kindle at all. You can download (for free!) Amazon’s Kindle for PC, which is what I use as I don’t have a Kindle. It allows you to read any ebook from the site. You can also download a free preview of any book, including mine.

  • For a view on how important IP DD for both buyers and OEM manufacturers is, check out the recent patent infringement filing by Microsoft against Barnes & Noble and their suppliers (i.e., Foxconn).

  • Rafael

    It’s a very good book. Basic, but sensible and with a nice list of resources for learning more. Well worth the money. Thanks for the mention.

  • “This title is not available for customers from your location in:
    Asia & Pacific”
    Any way to get around this? I have a Kindle, but Amazon doesn’t seem to allow persons in Asia to purchase.

  • Don

    Wow, this sounds like a great little guide to warn about the pitfalls of dealing with China.

  • TRX

    That said, I love print books but read mostly ebooks on my Torch for many of the reasons listed: easily portable, have lots of selection at hand, can read in the dark easily.Programming

  • Jlh530i

    Dan, that outline seems to cover the ‘how to source’ topic in its entirety. I like how the importance of the middleman/trade Brokers/Consultants is in its own chapter. A colleague of mine actually wrote a great article as well that outlines the importance of using consultants to help with sourcing needs in China. Check it out here! http://www.chinaperformancegroup.com/2012/03/avoiding-delays-with-chinese-manufacturers/

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