I’m sorry, but is there anyone who has spent more than one week in China who has not experienced something pretty much just like this? The “this” to which I am referring is a Kafkaesque situation that  so often occurs at hotels (or other businesses) in China. 

In a post entitled, “Wuhan Weekend — Hassle at the Hanting,” the Truth From Facts Blog (TFF) writes about arriving at a Wuhan hotel to which TFF had reservations, only to be told that the hotel was full and the reservations were cancelled because TFF had not answered its cell phone for a number of calls that had  never been made.  

I very frustratingly wrote about service at Chinese hotels in the post, “Win-Win Negotiating In China. It Is More Than A Panda.

I love TFF’s post because though it made me laugh, angered me a little, and stressed me out a bit, which is exactly how I feel when these same sort of things happen to me in China. It caused me to relive the times such things have happened to me in China and made me think of how something like this will no doubt happen to me again when I return to China in June. China does not have a monopoly on bad service, but the treatment TFF received is so way more likely to happen in China than anywhere else — especially the purported cell phone call.

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