Every so often I get emails from readers asking what I read on China beyond the blogs in our blogroll. This post on China regional blogs is going to be the first in what is likely to be an erratic series to answer that question. 

I define a China regional blog as a blog that focuses on one particular China region or city written by someone who lives in that particular region or city.  

Right now I have the following regional China blogs on my blog reader:

Shanghaiist is on our blogroll because though it does somewhat focus on Shanghai, it writes at least as many posts that go way beyond that. 

I strongly suspect I am missing some good ones. What other good China regional blogs are out there?

  • nulle

    shanghaist does on the surface cover stuff on shanghai and/or China…however, a lot of the materials are heavily sugar-coated and the blog serves more as a mouthpiece versus an objective blog about shanghai (and its tourism/local hangout spots)
    the blog is nothing serious and with the serious issues watered down (maybe to avoid and/or being shut down by you know what)

  • I have one on Haikou Hainan 🙂 Not sure how useful it will be to non Hainan ren.

  • Fantastic list, thanks for including Chengdu Living. Qingdaonese is new to me but I will check that out. One suggestion that I would add is Shanghai Scrap (www.shanghaiscrap.com).

  • What synchronicity! I was just writing a synopsis of Steve’s speech in Chengdu last night for a post on Chengdulivng.com. Charlie Mosely- the creator of Chengduliving- and myself attended Steve’s speech about the 12th five year plan (sponsored by SW China AmCham,) and found it fascinating, though the content was disconcerting at times. Steve was very generous with his time and allowed us to conduct a short interview, which we recorded and will transcribe for Chengduliving as well. At the dinner following the speech we were treated to a spirited discussion between Steve and Chengdu’s acting Consular General, Roy Perrin. It was quite a privilege!
    We will be sending the content of our post to Steve for his approval before publishing it. Hopefully our post can draw more attention to your site, and direct interested readers to Steve’s paper on the 12th year plan, which he indicated that he would be willing to make available to the public.
    Thanks for the mention. And thanks for the great site.

  • Handan Bao

    Shenzhen Noted. http://maryannodonnell.wordpress.com/
    Not exactly business focused, but I think all good observations about a place are of business value.

  • Christina White

    Great list and thanks for always doing so much for other China bloggers.