Client just sent me a link to a United States Government internet “brochure” on “Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights in China” [link no longer exists] along with a note saying “this is what you are always saying.” It is what I am always saying, and though this information appears to be about ten years old, near as I can tell, all or virtually all of it is still current and still on point.  It provides a very clear, blissfully short overview of China’s intellectual property laws and then provides an excellent list of what it calls “major players” in China intellectual property. For anyone starting out in China and confronting the issue of how to protect your intellectual property (IP) there, I highly recommend this site.

  • Eric Minto

    Just when I start thinking we have no need for our government, they prove otherwise with something like this. Actually, I am always surprised at how much good and accurate information the U.S. government provides on China.

  • David Baxter

    It’s not bad, but it is pretty basic.

  • Kellie Holloway

    For those that are willing to give the government a chance, you can find additional guidance, tips, strategies and useful contacts related to protecting your IP in China via Specifically, the China IP toolkit kept up by the USG officials in China [], and a series of webinars on everything from Trademark Fundamentals, Preventing Domain Name Squatting, Advance Counterfeiting Strategies, and more. These are free, hosted by the US DOC, and feature leading advisors in the respective area. Check it out at