Beginning on May 27, Artefact, Inc., a Manila, Philippines, based management consulting firm, will be putting on a series of seminars on “Doing Business in China” [link no longer exists].
The lectures are for “Filipino business people who operate (or plan to operate) in China” and “will teach how to profit from China, while overcoming the risks inherent in that business environment.” It will take place at the Astoria Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Center, Pasig from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on May 27, May 28, June 3, June 4 and June 5, and will consist of the following:
CHINA FUNDAMENTALS 1, Thursday, May 27
ADVANCED TOPICS, Saturday, June 5
China Law Blog’s own Steve Dickinson will be leading the June 5 session and if you are in Manila that day or any of the other days of this seminar series (you can purchase tickets for any one day, any combination of days, or for the whole series), I urge you to attend. For more information and to register click here [link no longer exists].
Members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines get preferred pricing, and a special page has been set up for them here [link no longer exists]. We have a huge readership from the Philippines (per Alexa) and we are very much looking forward to this event.
If you are planning to attend, please let me know.

  • “Filipino business people who operate (or plan to operate) in China”
    D, does this mean the lectures will be given mostly in Tagalog? Now I know Mr. Dickinson is a truly linguistically-talented sort of dude, but please don’t beggar belief that His Excellence speaks the Filipino tongue as well?
    Can it really be possible?!

  • Joe

    Is it easier, do you think, to do business with China if you are from another country (besides the US)? Do all other countries have the same issues that we do?

  • Steve and I are both American, and I can’t speak for Steve, but I myself only know a dozen words in Tagalog, so I can assure everyone that the seminars will be conducted in English.
    For anyone who can’t make the seminars but would like to, a good amount of the information is available at ARTEFACT REPORTS. New reports entitled Contracts in China and Human Resources in China will be up by Monday.
    I’m happy to answer more questions about the seminars if there are any.