The Start In China Blog has updated its previous post on various health insurance options for expatriates living in China. The post is entitled, “Health insurance for expats in China,” and it really does a superb job setting out and comparing various expat insurance plans.
If you are an expat needing health insurance in China, I recommend you check out this post.

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  • Yikes! I can’t believe that none of the Chinese insurance companies offer insurance policies over their websites. I wonder if perhaps its a matter of too-strict insurance regulation over there.

  • Debbie

    Interesting. It’s good that it’s so easy to secure expat insurance when you are working in China.

  • @Hildebrand, the insurances specifically for expats (even the Chinese ones like Chartis) have the information on their website, so I think it doesn’t have to do with regulations; more likely they just want the contact information. The insurance market is also still very young, my Chinese girlfriend only has that serious disease insurance and I’m sure that’s already much more than most people have. Most people are just insured via their company/government.

  • Marvin Gardens

    Dan, thanks for running this. Very helpful.

  • I can’t believe that there are no sites selling insurance over the web……seems like an un tapped market!

  • BI

    Do you know whether there are still no insurance companies selling health insurance for expats in China over the web?

  • Anci

    Waiting for an update….

  • alex

    it seems strange that there are no sites selling China expat insurance over the web.

  • John Fedak

    agree. it is not readily available online, but even in the US, it is not easy to buy a health policy online. However, offline access in China is pretty easy. I have an expat policy from Liberty Insurance in China and am pretty happy about their services.

  • For online international health insurance plans for US expats in China you should check out :

  • Nadia

    Does anyone know of a few different insurers for an Aussie expat living and working for 12 months in China, (Wujin) with partner and toddler? Thanks

  • wilhelm hernandez

    Hi. I am a Colombian – Canadian who just moved to China (Foshan) , I need an insurance Company for me and my fiance. Someone could indicate me a well and related insurance company. Thank you in advance

  • AXA in China offers expats excellent medical insurance, take a look at

  • AP

    Hi Everybody!
    If you are looking for insurance company for expats in China, i would recommend to use the services of Abacare Insurance International. They provide different types of medical insurance plans and have very positive comments from their clients. Check their web-site:

  • Stranded Expat

    This is really helpful and I hope you keep updating it.

  • SSS

    By law does a company need to provide insurance to expats in China?

  • AP

    To SSS: hmmm…. According to the law – yes, the company for who you work must do it, but not all the companies do it…

  • Reg
  • Here’s a little insight to the healthcare system in China: I went into The Second Hospital of Traditional Medicine of Guangzhou on Heng Fu Lu in Yue Xiu with a sinus infection two days ago.

    The doctor didn’t bother to take my temperature or actually look in my nose – after paying the cashier I found he had prescribed 250 RMB of Chinese cold medicine for my throat (?!) and children’s tylenol.

    When I went back to return the medicine the cashier told me if I didn’t speak Chinese I should shut up, but only after swiping my bank card through three times for “the refund” while actually charging me. When I raised my voice, the cashier called me a laowai to the nurses, who laughed and laughed, and refused to pay me back for the charges.

    Three hours later and two trips back and forth from my apartment for receipts, the head doctor came and I was refunded 100 RMB less than the charges I had incurred – and all with out an apology. In my six years of living abroad in four different countries, I’ve never been treated so poorly.