A month or so ago, I did a post, entitled, “25+ China People You Should Follow On Twitter. Not One “China Expert” Among Them.” I did it in response to a client asking me for a list of China people he should be following and my post consisted of little more than me pulling this 25 person list from an Ad Age China article, “25 China Experts You Should Follow on Twitter“.
The inherent problem with any such list, however, is that it is someone else’s list. Over at the China Law Blog Linkedin Group (where, btw, we are always looking for new members), I just started a very simple discussion that does nothing more than ask the group members whether they tweet and, if so, from what address. (h/t Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog) My hope with this is to increase the interaction of group members and to thereby increase the information push for everyone.
So please consider joining the China Law Blog Linkedin Group if you are not already a member and then go to the “discussion” here and add your twitter address. If you are already a member of the group, please just check out the discussion.
Oh, and while there, please do be sure to check out some of the other discussions (there are some truly excellent ones on there) and do NOT hesitate to contribute.

  • Steven

    Dan,Chinese are using “Weibo” instead of twittering now. It became so popular during the past 3 months.
    From big star Jacky Chen to big company CEOs and Political leaders, you can find them all. The government is sort of smart on this, they kicked twitter out and let sina.com.cn launch Chinese version of twitter.
    If you have a iphone, search and down an app called “Weibo”. It’s cool !