Stafford Publications is putting on a teleconference on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in China.
Before I talk about that though, there is one thing I have to get out of the way. Every time I see a very British name like Stafford, I cannot help but smile and remember a hometown friend of mine who named his business “Tafford.” My friend’s business has become quite successful on a national level and my friends and I still always effect a very British accent whenever we discuss it. Now here’s the funny part, my friend came up with the name from an expression we back then: Take a Flying F–k On a Rolling Donut. That equals TAFFORD. Get it? Sorry.
Anyway, this teleconference will be on September 3 and it features really good people and it will be focusing on the following:

This seminar will examine recent FCPA enforcement focused on business activity in China, discuss the unique FCPA challenges of conducting business in China, and outline strategies for effective FCPA compliance.

The panel will review these and other key questions:
* What risk factors increase the exposure of companies conducting business in China to possible FCPA violations?
* How are the U.S. and Chinese governments acting to enforce their respective anti-bribery laws against U.S. companies?
* What are the best practices for companies to utilize in developing anti-corruption compliance programs and due diligence efforts for their China operations?

The faculty consists of Kyle Wombolt of Goodwin Procter, Nathan Bush of O’Melveny, and Amy Sommers of Squire Sanders.
The US has been stepping up its prosecution of FCPA claims and it is critical that all US businesses in China have at least basic knowledge of what it is all about. Click here for more information on the teleconference.