Fascinating two part interview with Bill Russo, Chrysler’s “first Regional Vice President in Northeast Asia with over 20 years in the automotive industry”on the new and very promising Aimee Barnes blog. Post is entitled, “Link Up, Learn More: Interview with Bill Russo, Automotive Industry Expert” and part one is found here, with part two here. Big takeaway: Russo sees it being 5-10 years before Chinese cars start really showing up in the United States and EU.
Definitely recommended to anyone (and isn’t that just about everyone?) interested in China’s automotive industry.

  • greg

    Bill Russo is profiled in this WSJ article:
    Some Expats Choose to Cut Ties with Their Employer and Stay Abroad.
    Not directly related to auto-industry, but it provides some context to the decisions by some expats in China to stay beyond their original assignments.