The Wu Way blog, provides the best analysis I have seen on how China views last night’s election of Barack Obama as America’s next president. The post is entitled, “How does China view an Obama Presidency…what does China think of Obama?” and it sees China (to the extent one can generalize about 1.3+ billion people) as “excited about the election as a historic moment, but also cautious in their concern that he may be more protectionist.”
It is well worth a read.
UPDATE: China Beat also does an excellent job on this in its post, “Obama Elected, China Reacts.
FURTHER UPDATE: This does not exactly fit here, but I liked it so much and it is election related, so here goes. I just read an excellent article over at Spot-On, by Jeanne Jackson, entitled, “The Day After.” The article, and, in particular, the following paragraphs, summed up better my feelings than even my own feelings, and certainly better than anything I could write myself:

Perhaps you are celebrating today. Or, perhaps, you are annoyed. I certainly hope, whether you backed the winner or loser, you are being gracious about the outcome. I will almost sell my first-born to purchase a one-way ticket for the first moron who sneers about moving to Canada because his candidate lost.
It is, perhaps, an old-fashioned idea, but I’ve always had a certain amount of respect for the office of the presidency, no matter who occupies it. Granted, over the centuries we’ve had our share of . . . um. . .characters. And, believe me, I’ve been a victim of presidential policy more times than I’ve benefitted.
But I am in awe of the process and its relatively peaceful outcome. I am in awe of the fact that there are two people willing to risk the biggest, most public of all losses and always do so with class and dignity. For that reason, I can’t hate a president (though I can pray to a merciful God for deliverance from incompetence).

Damn, that’s some good stuff.

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    I LOVE the QUOTE!! Dont’ mind me if I borrow the quote to use on my linkedin profile!