I bring this to our readers as a public service, along with the warning that if you read either one while lying down, odds are you will fall asleep before you get to the second one. Anyway, I give you McCain and Obama, in their own words, on China, written for AmCham.
The summary of both is that China has done great things (duh!), still has a ways to go (duh!), and the US should cooperate, except where it does not make sense to do so (duh!). Yada, yada, yada.
One can hardly blame America for focusing more on Sarah Palin’s glasses?
UPDATE: Check out China Rises for an in depth review of the China policies of McCain and Obama.
FURTHER UPDATE: Asia Logistics Wrap does an incredible job analyzing the positions of the two candidates on Asia, including China, in a post entitled, “US Presidential Candidates on Foreign Affairs/Trade with Northeast Asia.
FURTHER UPDATE: China Esquire weighs in and says that because of Obama’s overheated rhetoric he thinks McCain is the better choice for those favoring improved US-China relations.

  • US Presidential Candidates on Foreign Affairs/Trade with Northeast Asia

    In terms of foreign affairs and foreign trade, there is never a dull moment in Northeast Asia. This region demands a considerable amount of attention from the US President and his (Senator McCain or Senator Obama) administration across a wide range of …