China Business Blog and Podcast just did a post on a CNBC television appearance this morning by Technomic Asia’s Steve Ganster. Because so many of my firm’s clients are in the international food business and because I see China as a tremendous market for Western food companies, Steve’s analysis is of particular interest to me.
The key takeaway from Steve’s interview is this from the China Business Blog post:

As companies are learning that what works at home won’t necessarily work abroad in the Chinese marketplace, they’re finding new ways to cater specifically to the needs and desires of Chinese people — rather than shoe-horning American products into a distinctly non-American set of tastes.

Check it out.

  • gdsf

    The Chinese government won’t allow the spread of any information that is forbidden by law or harms national interests on the Internet, a spokesman for the Beijing Olympic Games said here on Thursday.
    “We hope the media could respect relevant laws and regulations of China,” said Sun Weide, the Beijing Olympics spokesman, at a press conference in the Main Press Center (MPC) of the Games.
    Sun made the remarks in response to some reporters’ questions about the difficulties they met in browsing certain websites.
    “If a few websites are difficult to browse, it’s mainly because they have spread content that is banned by the Chinese laws,” explained Sun. “The Internet is regulated according to law in China, just like in other countries.”
    lol.. China invented “illigal informations”..

  • Peter Ser

    Hi, I am interested in doing food business in China, but I am a Malaysian. Am I allowed to operate the food business in China

  • I’m looking forward to expend my food business in China. I’m S’porean and i need some advice on how do i go about expanding my business there. Thank you.