Shanghaiist just posted on how you can help the victims of China’s recent earthquake. Here’s the info, straight from Shanghaiist:

For those who are looking to contribute to current aid efforts underway, you can now donate money to the Red Cross Society of China which has formed a disaster relief working group to be dispatched to the earthquake-stricken Wenchuan County in Sichuan.
They have also published an emergency relief hotline, along with bank account information to receive donations to assist their cause:
Account name: Red Cross Society of China
For those who want to donate in RMB: you can send money to the RMB account at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch below:
人民币开户行: 中国工商银行 北京分行东四南支行
人民币账号: 0200001009014413252
For those who want to donate in foreign currency, you can send money to the foreign currency account at the CITIC Bank branch below:
外币账号: 7112111482600000209
Hotline: (8610) 65139999
Online donations: Red Cross Society of China website:
Click the tab for online donations

We will add others to this as more becomes known.
UPDATE: Thanks to all who have provided additional methods for contributing. CLB has no real knowledge regarding any of these charities nor any real expertise at determining which of these charities make the most sense or which is “the best.” In other words, you all are on your own for that.

  • Gordon

    Thanks for posting. I’ve been unable to access Shanghaiist for most of this afternoon.

  • SAM


  • S Yang

    The answer is: it will take many many years, maybe after several disasters alike.
    You are right. And there is no accountability at all for these type of “government related non-govermnetal organizations”. I was also hesitating to wire money to Redcross China’s bank account because of the same concern.
    My graduate education in a US nonprofit managment institute came out and spoke to me – trust your intuition this time. So, guess I’ll be looking for some other vehicles that look more trustworthy. Will post them here if I find some.
    But I still plan to walk in the bank next morning and make a wire to Redcross when I have no other options. At least they picked up phones pretty quick today, even the website stopped working for a while.

  • Flo

    You can give through a US organization like Mercy Corps, too:
    They’ll be distributing contributions through “local partners”.

  • Sam,
    There is no guarantee… for ANY non profit organization that is. Personally, I prefer Worldvision for donations, but they do not have a specific China fund yet. I hope they do soon.
    Shanghaiist has been working again recently. I have been mirroring their recent updates on my blog, and I would guess that other blogs may be doing it as well.

  • Xin

    I’m also looking for a more secure method of donation. If you find any, could you send me an email at

  • Courtney

    Is there anyway to donate actual goods, rather than money? And what goods would be the most beneficial to the victims? Canned food? Everyday supplies like soap, and such?
    I am a teacher in Hunan province, we felt the aftershock. I’d like to get my students involved in the relief efforts somehow, but I’d prefer not to just send money.

  • To those questioning the capabilities of the Red Cross, and its GONGO partner in China, don’t.
    GONGO’s in China have had a bad rap for a wihle – partly of their own doing – however, the Red Cross and its GONGO partner China Charity Foundation have a strong reputation and are honestly the best NGO at this point.
    As this will be an ongoing issue that requires a lot of development work, I also suggest donations to China Womans federation, Poverty Alleviation Federation, and the Youth Development Foundation also be considered. Each will have a large need, and each has a a good reputation.
    As time passes, and as my partners in that area report back, I will post more grassroots organizations and their needs as well on Crossroads.

  • Thanks Richard.
    Everyone, Richard Brubaker is extremely knowledgeable about NGOs and charities in China (far more than me) and so for that reason, I concur with him.

  • Shar

    I would suggest donating through the Hong Kong Red Cross. They have yet to set up a separate donating link for the earthquake, but judging from how fast they responded to the Myanmar cyclone and its track record for disaster relief efforts in mainland, something should appear pretty soon. You can also choose to donate online with a credit card, in addition to wiring money to their accounts.

  • jessica

    you could donate via Canadian RedCross if you want. i think they currently have set up a fund especially for China’s earthquake.
    US redcross has done nothing so far. you need to wait if you want to donate through them.
    European said they’d donated if “needed”. not sure if they’d really donate or just express sympathy.
    donating canned food won’t work as the gathering and transportation cost of these scattering donation is way too high than the canned food itself– well, unless you could donate a ton and air to the disastered area.
    good luck every one.
    Peace for those who died,
    Sincere blessing for those who are still waiting to be rescured.
    the first 48 hours after earthquake is the most critical period for saving more lives.

  • jessica

    ok pals. i got new info. tzuchi has been working in China for years. They said they won’t pass on any donation money to Chinese redcross, rather, they’d purchase clothing and food and garanttee that 100% donation $$ would be passed onto the earthquake victims directly. They have their own workers in China to do this job.
    you could check at:
    they also have an office in Seattle:
    Tzu-Chi Seattle Office
    12639 NE 85th St.,
    Kirkland, WA 98033
    ** Notice: same as for donations to other org, you must mark your donation as “FOR CHINA’S SICHUAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF” or the money you donate may be used for other purposes.
    I personally do NOT recommand US RedCross, they levy heavy “process fees”. so only a portion of the money would go to the victims. and US redcross would keep the rest.
    ** tzuchi would give receipt if asked, so you can have tax deduction for the next tax season.

  • well,i am in xining of qinghai province,in does not matter how the red cross does ,but viciterms in sichuan province need help.i sent some help ,and i believe that the red cross will cleanly help them,for that is the problem of life.

  • China’s earthquake: How you can help.

    See China Law Blog and the UN’s ReliefWeb. Yesterday’s earthquake, China’s worst in 30 years, has left at least 10,000 dead. Countless more are trapped, isolated or homeless….

  • bless the wounded souls of the peoples of Tibet, Burma, and China
    I contribute through World Vision

  • sean

    the redcross online page can’t open ? please
    check it . why ?

  • Jay

    yea, the China’s red cross webstie cannot open. Why is that? I hate to donate without knowing if the donation will ACTUALLY be used as inteded, or simly go into some government’s pockets. But, I seem to have very limited options, and Red Cross China seems to be the only one that is worthy donating to. I do NOT trust all other organizations, especially the ones in the US.

  • Leon

    I like the sound of tzuch. But, they don’t seem to have an office in China? (Only Taiwan). We are sure that they can be effective there?

  • I am part of a non profit organization, Women’s Alliance for Vietnam’s education, and we are interested in helping the victims. I wanted to know if there was any way to help by donating things other than money.

  • Visitor

    Does anyone know whether a donation to Chinese Red Cross is tax deductible in the US? Many thanks!

  • Don Cartwright

    I am an American living in Chongqing. We felt a pretty bad jolt living 150 miles away from Chengdu, so I can only imagine what those poor people felt. My wife has a brother living in Chengdu and we STILL can’t get hold of him! I REALLY want to donate, but I’ve been burnt a couple times on disaster giving, so I need a SECURE, VERIFIED way to give. I’m offering $100 initially, AND I’m building a website to steer people where they can SECURELY donate specifically to this disaster. Anybody find anything yet?

  • Lisa T.

    My bf’s father has actually been an active volunteer within the Tzu Chi chapter in the Bay Area for over ten years. It’s a very legitimate organization that has direct and strong connections to relief organizations.
    Tzu Chi is a Taiwanese based organization and I’m not sure why it doesn’t have offices on the Mainland (politics of China I assume?)
    I hope this helps those on the fence. I’m also very reluctant to donate to the red cross due to the fact that I feel my money is going more towards the organization than the actual cause and those who need it most. Hope this helps.

  • Jin

    totally agree with alan. victims are victims. help anyway you can. i just made my donation online through the china earthquake fund set up by redcross australia even though i am not sure how they will channel the money to the relief effort in china.

  • connie

    i’m a student at a shanghai university right now and if you are interested in donating non-monetary stuff, it seems organizations are looking specifically for blankets and clothes.

  • Dan,
    Want to clarify something, and that is that NGOs have overhead just like every other business in the world. Reading that people are not willing to donate money to the Red Cross because they have an unacceptable amount of cost (Has anyone seen Red Cross China’s cash flow sheet) is just poor judgment.
    If the red Cross costs more money than my organization, then it is probably because they must invest significantly more in training rapid response personnel, buying tents, paying for plan tickets, establishing call centers, renting forward stocking locations, bringing on thousands of people to manage donations of food, medicine, clothing, tents, blankets, shoes, and so on…
    And they aim to do this in days
    so, if their need to spend more on their people and their infrastructure is a bit higher, all I ask is you try to put this in perspective… they are the ones that have been first responders for years, and there is a reason to trust them to get the job done.

  • Robert

    It’s truly wonderful and heart warming to see that so many people from all over the world (above) care about some of their fellow human beings in distress. Regardless of what may or may not have happened with T1bet and the Torch or Carrefour or CNN or any of that other stuff and regardless of who was right or who was wrong, even if it was all just a few days earlier.
    Personally, If I didn’t think the Chinese government had more than enough money and resources to do whatever needs to be done five times over (either directly or by financing some specialized Aid organizatons who may know what they’re doing better in particular areas) I would think the next best option for me would be to go up there myself in person with either a bucket full of dollars or of yuan, or with the right sort of things all in a big suitcase ready to hand it out directly needy person to needy person.
    That’s the only way I would feel really sure that my own puny help would go where it ought to go. Or at least, where I may happen to think it ought to go (with a good chance of my being wrong) which is the best that anyone else can do as well. And everyone should also remember the Tsunami and its assorted Aid aftermaths both in terms of their successes and their debacles.

  • bill

    I live on the 30th floor of a building in Bangkok Thailand. When the earthquake happened around Chengdu (in fact a couple of hours later) the light hanging from the ceiling in my living room swayed gently back and forth and I felt a bit seasick. It was the same thing that happened a few years ago when the earthquake at sea happened off Sumatra and the Tsunami wave later made it up to Thailand. I am not sure whether the sea wave travels faster than the earth shock wave or vice versa. This time the shock wave was obviously heading south towards Thailand instead of north. It’s amazing the sheer power of these kinds of events. I knew right away something big and bad had happened somewhere else and probably quite far away because small but local tremors tend to feel different. A few minutes later there was the breaking news on the BBC.

  • Dawei

    Movted deeply! Thanks for the care from the bottlme of minds from all over the world! As a chinese ,i do not know how to express my feelings .I believe confimly the whole chinese people will keep the gratitude forever !

  • cluo

    You can try world Vision.
    The World Vision, established by Dr. Bob Pierce, an American journalist, in 1950, is now working in nearly 100 countries, benefiting over 100 million people

  • sherry
  • Steven

    Thank you guys for donation and planning to donate, the account name is a organization name, not a personal name, so it will be safe if you send the money to this account, it will go to China Red Cross directly.
    I felt really sad for people losing their life in the earthquake.

  • Alan Crawford

    I live in Shanghai and am also looking for somewhere to donate.
    My PA who is from Sichuan, by chance was in Chengdu when the quake hit and is still there.
    I have asked her if she can find something local and trustworthy.
    Communications are very difficult, but if I get something positive I will post it.

  • Zhi Huang

    In case that you did not know, you can mail your check to Chinese Consulate for donation.
    Details can be found on:
    Thank you for your help and kindness.

  • Yik

    The British Red Cross (BRC) has launched an urgent appeal to help those affected by the Chinese earthquake. You can make donations on their website:

  • Leon

    I have checked further with friends in China. The Tzu Chi ( organization IS a good one to give (in spite of the earlier doubts I voiced). ALL the money designated as for the earthquake will go there. They ALREADY are giving out aid packages there (I verified this with people in China), while others are just “planning”. You can give securely with a Credit Card via their 800 # (1-888-989-8244). I am not Chinese, but I sent my contribution today.

  • Christine

    I’d appreciate if your webmaster can also list the mailing address of the Jiouxiang Qiao Citi Bank in Beijing on this website, so I can mail the check in directly. Thanks

  • Steven Yeam

    Can someone please inform me which organization would be the best to donate for this unexpected crisis… I have lost trust in most of them as I do not know where the money actually goes to..

  • S.Yang

    Here are two grassroot donation links:
    An outdoor forum in Shenzhen, Guangdong. They accept monetary and in kind donations and will ship directly to Sichuan by volunteers, most of who are outdoor store owners, experienced hikers and climbers. Hopefully their shipping of outdoor equipments and necessities will help homeless victims in Sichuan.,0,0,0.html
    China Merchants Bank – Shenzhen Jingtian Branch
    Account Name:Zhong, Weiping 钟卫平
    Account Number: 6225 8878 0754 0311
    Inquiry PW:330321
    A wellknown grassroot RSS blog that holds different voices (not the tianya type)
    is organizing donation and sending a group of writers and IT workers to distribute in Sichuan. It also states that if the government bans this fundraising, all the collection will be transfered to official NPOs (RC China)or refund to donors.
    Account Name:Huang, Bin 黄斌
    MP: 13911827749
    Account Name: Bin Huang
    (Foreign currencies wired from overseas would take a week and possible loss due to exchanging rate)
    China Construction Bank – Beijing Zhongguancun Branch
    Bank Accout:1101 0299 8013 0459 030,
    Account Name: Huang, Bin(MP: 13911827749)

  • S.Yang

    A list of Centers for Disaster Relief and
    Charity Donation in major Chinese cities, where ppl can send stuff rather than money to help –
    Beijing 010-63562755
    65 Neidajie, Ste 010, You An Men, Xuanwu District 100054
    010-64001306 100007
    010-62274355 100035
    010-67162676 100061
    010-63556360 100053
    010-65024588 100025
    010-62625347 100080
    Tianjin 022-23520861 300070
    0411-7600251 116033
    0411-7305075 116601
    Shenyang 024-85900199 110012
    Shanghai 164, Ste 021, Lane 405, Zhen Ning Rd., Shanghai 210018
    025-4452064 210005
    Nantong 0513-5514343 226001
    0571-85153959 310006
    0571-87231115 310003
    0571-87822624 310002
    0571-85113846 310012
    Fuzhou 0591-3250706 350001
    Xiamen 0592-2063901 361002
    Jinan 0531-2866179 250021
    7 Minjiang Road, Qingdao 266000
    Wuhan 027-82830652 430014
    Guangzhou 020-81943697 510150
    Shenzhen 0755-5561447 518008
    Zhuhai 0756-2266077 510900
    Nanning 0771-4017286、4018095 530221
    Haikou 0898-66270511 570208
    Sanya 0898-88272832 572000
    38 Kaige Road, Lianglu, North Bank District 401120
    028-7446637 610045
    4 Houzaimen, Xian 029-7416752 710004
    34 E. Huzhu Rd., East District, Xining 810006

  • I’m writing today from Mercy Corps. We wanted thank the readers of this blog for your donations to the relief efforts in China.
    As of today, we are mounting an emergency response for survivors through its local partner China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA). Together, we are procuring food, water, clothing and shelter supplies for affected families. We have deployed two experienced staff members from our Beijing office to help coordinate these efforts.
    If you’d like more information about how we are responding, please visit:
    Again, we thank you for your support of our efforts.

  • Garret

    If you like to make a donation, you could do it through US red cross or Canadian red cross, they have dedicated channel for Chinese earthquake.
    I just made a donate on their website. my little contribution to Chinese people.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Redcross of China is currently the most effecient and fast channel to provide directly help to victims in this disaster. We should trust them and the Chinese govertment on helping people save their life.

  • Shan
  • renwei

    I am from Singapore, just to confirm these are the safe way to donate.
    Bless all the people still burried there, time is critical now, not too long to reach the 72hours now.
    hope, life, help!
    Account name: Red Cross Society of China
    For those who want to donate in RMB: you can send money to the RMB account at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch below:
    人民币开户行: 中国工商银行 北京分行东四南支行
    人民币账号: 0200001009014413252
    For those who want to donate in foreign currency, you can send money to the foreign currency account at the CITIC Bank branch below:
    外币账号: 7112111482600000209
    Hotline: (8610) 65139999
    Online donations: Red Cross Society of China website:
    Click the tab for online donations

  • joe

    For those who are interested in make your donation, I will strongly recommend Tzu Chi foundation, because every penny from your donation will be used to help people. For more information, please check
    Tzu Chi volunteers have started disaster relief efforts in China since 1991. Tzu Chi US is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation to Tzu Chi is tax deductible (Tax ID No. 94-2952782). Tzu Chi has opened a special account to accept your donation for Sichuan earthquake.
    For credit card donation, please call: 1-888.989.8244 1.888.9TZUCHI
    For check donation: Please make check payable to Tzu Chi
    Mailing address: Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, U.S.A.
    1100 S. Valley Center Ave., San Dimas, CA 91773
    Tel: (909) 447-7799
    For direct deposit or wire transfer:
    Cathay Bank (777 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012)
    ABA: 122203950
    Account No: 01-130005

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Redcross of China is currently the most effecient and fast channel to provide directly help to victims in this disaster. We should trust them and the Chinese govertment on helping people save their life.

  • Antonio

    I was searching for ways to donate and here is a very recognize website (even by TIME’s Magazine) that gives rating to Non-Profit Organizations in this type of situations:
    Hope that helps!!

  • Yang

    If you really do not trust China Red Cross. You can try onefoundation, a charity orgnization founded by Movie Kongfu Star Jet Li. Their foundation has annual finance report for their expending. For details, please visit their website:

  • Michael

    Hi there,
    I’m about to lauch a site,
    Do you have any ideas about what to put on the site? I will put a list on the homepage of all the international organizations that are actually providing support in the Sichuan area. I hope my site will be online within 24 hours. Any ideas?

  • Joe

    For those working in USA:
    Here is a little tip: Check with your friends, especially those working in Wall street or big fortune 500s and see if you can combine your donation with them; some companies will match the same amount with whatever you donate (up to 8000? dollars for each one).
    You are restricted (I believe) to donate to the Red Cross, and indicate that it’s to be used for Chinese earthquake rescue.
    If you are paired with your friend for the donation, make sure keep the return check stub for your tax deduction next year.

  • Help Chengdu?

    I must say that your registering without knowing how to help in any way sounds like cybersquatting.
    There are already a half dozen sites (have you seen Crossroads or CN Reviews) that are written by in country and how to assist… and your “website” will only distract people when they type “Help” “Chengdu” into Google.
    It is exactly people like yourself that are not needed right now.

  • I am Chinese,thanks for you all,trust us.

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of lists about banks, but no detailed addresses such as street number, post code…
    How can we mail checks to banks from oversea?

  • Michael

    Help Chengdu (strange name for a person btw),
    It would be cybersquatting if i was to sell the domain, im affraid you did not read my message well or did not understand that i want to make a site about how people can help. I just came back from Chengdu 2 weeks ago and got a lot of friends living there. The more sites the better it is to be found on the net i think. 2 bad i maybe didnt made clear in my first message why i registered the domain….

  • Leslie

    Is there a way to hands-on help? I feel that right now the people of Beichuan need rescuing from the danger zone more importantly than donations.

  • H.F Zhang

    I am a Chinese girl who is living in Shanghai.
    I would like to thank you all for your kindness. I have made my donation to Red Cross China. Although I was worried abt where my money would really go, I later decided to trust them and the Chinese government for this time because I have seen the effort they put in to help people out.
    We had national mouring today at exactly 14:28 (a week ago, a powerful earth quake happeded in Sichuan just at 14:28 took thoushands of lifes away). Today, Everyone no matter what he/she was doing stopped and had a 3-minute slience for the victims.
    I was in the office, everyon in the office stood up and the whole office was so quite.
    I understand if you do not trust Red Cross China. If you would like to donate goods, I think blanket and tents are among the most urgently needs.
    Once again, thank you all for your kindness giving and help.
    We are now working hard here in China to help our peopel rebuild their homes and help our kid to go back to schools, most importantly help people to rebuild confidence to live on.
    Thank you.

  • unknown

    i wish to donate some money through cheque. Can i know what is the address so that i can send it over through post?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Lihong Cao

    My family are very sad for what has happened in our home land China. We donated through US Red Cross, MercyCorps, and our local Chinese church. We pray for the victims, the survivors, the rescuers, and we pray for our country.

  • ZL

    Do not donate to any personal account listed here but only to those accounts of formal organisations!

  • CW

    Is a donation made to the Red Cross Society of China tax deductible in the U.S.?

  • Gail Schultz

    I wonder if someone can give me the information for the donation by American credit card? Thanks.

  • These kids make a pretty powerful appeal for aid on behalf of the Chinese Red Cross Society Jet Li One Foundation:

  • George

    I`m located in Romania,European Union .I`m a single 53,living alone in a big flat, working like librarian.I was very impressed about China peopel who is suffering after the terrible desaster.I`m not a rich man but I`ll could help an orphan girl/boy to came here and continue to study .A responsable child who wants fight for his/her career,to study and to look serioselly, with dignity and hope to the future.

  • Weeping is NOT all we can do. In fact, many have already begun to take action. See www. to learn about the nonprofit organization Chinese Earthquake Fund. This initiative, spearheaded by Shou-Ching Tang, MD, Director of Hematology/Oncology at Denver Health in Denver, CO, has been established to raise funds for medical supplies for West China Hospital in Chengdu. It is located 60 miles from the epicenter and is treating 1200 seariously injured victims, more than half need secondary surgery. You can find out how to donate money at the aforementioned website. Thanks for doing more than weeping for the victims of this devastating earthquake.

  • John

    Hi, looking to give my time & go out to help in China. Would like to know if any charity needs me!!!! (

  • I was just thinking about China’s Earthquake: How You Can Help and you have really helped out. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    It is very hard to make sure the fund or goods really reach to the people who need it. When I was student working in a dorm, people who worked there took the goods and foods students donated at the end of the year for Christmas. When I was a grad school student, PhD and post-doc students who collected the fund for Chinese student society activity used the money for a big dinner. It has nothing to do with how much education a person receive, some people just don’t have the sense that the fund might come from a poor student like me. People donate money because other people need it, not because people are rich.