Just got an email that combines two of my favorite things: doing good and pumping up my United Airlines mileage plus account. The email is from United Airlines and it says the following:

Mileage Plus customers who donate $50USD or more will receive 500 miles as a one-time bonus. The United Airlines Foundation will support customers’ donations with up to 5 million miles for this bonus mile offer. In order to receive the miles, email your electronic American Red Cross receipt to ChinaRelief-Miles@united.com.

It’s a can of corn.

  • I was on vacation in China when the earthguake struck. It’s had an interesting effect on the people. As one woman in the Xian airport told me, “All of China is focused on the quake.” The Beijing government has never been comfortable with private activism, but this is bringing people to act–sometimes outside the acceptable channels. It will be interesting to see the long-term effects this tragedy has on China politics. God bless Sechuan.
    I’m now posting my travel notes on my blog at betterfiction.com.