Got the following email yesterday from a client:

When I checked into my old, Soviet-style Moscow hotel the other night, I was tired from a day of Aeroflot and decided to surf the TV for something to numb my brain. The only English-language channel on the hotel’s TV was CCTV9 from China. The first image that flashed on the screen was Dickinson on a talk show discussing grassroots democracy in China! It was a bizarre Russian travel moment!

I then did an internet search and found this video of CLB co-blogger, Steve Dickinson on CCTV, described by CCTV as follows:

Guests:    Wang Xuewen, Former Deputy President, International Business Daily
Steven M. Dickinson, Harris Bricken
After the success of village elections in China’s rural area, the talk about grassroots democracy in China’s cities is also attracting a lot of attention.

During the show, Steve talks about elections in rural Shandong province and how interest in democracy is greater in China’s rural areas than in its cities. Steve sees the committee elections as nothing really new for China, having been around in some form or another since the Han Dynasty, and he notes that the concern of the West is that those elected have very little power beyond the power to receive instructions from the top.

Steve was previously on CCTV speaking on intellectual property rights (IPR) and that video can be found here.