As much as I hate begging, I hate losing even more.
So with that in mind, I am begging all our loyal readers (and anyone else) to vote for China Law Blog. We are in the race of our lives (how’s that for drama) for the best “black letter law” blog. The ABA (American Bar Association) Journal editors chose us as one of the top ten blogs in this category. Now it is up to the people to decide which of the ten will prevail. Click here and vote China Law Blog!
Oh, and while you are at it, please also vote for the Transnational Law Blog in the law student blog category. This blog is co-written by my firm’s summer associate last summer, Travis Hodgkins. Travis is a good guy and it is a very good blog. Click here for that one. I am also pushing for the What About Clients? Blog in the “All Business” Category, both because it is a truly excellent blog and because its driving force, Dan Hull, is a good friend of mine.

Many thanks to the following blogs for putting up posts in an effort to bring out the China Law Blog vote.
ImageThief (who uses the same post to riff on PR nudity)
Cal Poly MBA Trip
The Humanaught
Beijing Boyce
Eyes East
Briefing Sheet
China Hearsay
Peking Duck (who in addition to calling for readers to vote for us, makes clear that we are not a “neocon, fascist, CCP-boot-licking stooge.”
Experience Not Logic
Practice Sources
China Business Law Blog
The Horse’s Mouth, which alleges that a failure to vote for us “will cause your underwear to turn carnivorous and consume your genitals in your sleep.”
Sinocidal (the forum, actually) But spreading the pernicious lie that I like cats.
Cup of Cha, which couples it with its own poll as to why people are voting for us. Cup of Cha provides three interesting choices: 1) Fear of CLB’s growing power, 2) To placate Cup of Cha’s writer, Josh, and 3) Free will. In very early returns, fear of our power is way out front. For the record, we do not care one bit why you vote for us, but we do really, really want you to vote for us.
China Business Blog
Silicon Hutong
I also owe a massive debt of gratitude to Lonnie Hodge and David DeGeest of The China Dreamblogue/Culture Fish Media and Christine Lu of The Chinese Business Network, who have been using various high tech means to bring out the vote.
We cannot let these fine people down. And as for those blogs still sitting on the fence, it is not too late; voting runs until January 2.

The Slaw blog
has a post up that does a good job setting forth in one place all of the 100 blawgs up for top honors.