I just today came across Dan Washburn’s “personal blog” and I was enthralled. Washburn is the leading force behind the always excellent Shanghaiist blog and (I just learned) also a frequently published (and award winning) journalist/writer. His personal blog contains his published writings on China, dating back to 2003. These writings can be found here.

I am still working my way through them all (and they are all worth reading), but I have already come across some absolutely great ones. My two favorites so far are Fireworks factories, coal mines and cute little puppies, which is a wonderful story about Dan’s trip to the village of Hengshui (population ~4,000), in Jiangxi Province, with one of his Shanghai University English students who is from there and a story on Alex Scales’ China Basketball League career. I found the story on Scales particularly interesting because my firm does a fair amount of legal work for international athletes and their agents and also because I remember Scales from his days as a pretty fair player at the University of Oregon. It appears he is now playing in the EuroLeague.

Anyway, if you have an interest in China or in Sports and, in particular, if you have an interest in sports in China, I urge you to spend some time over at Dan’s checking out his articles. You will be amply rewarded.