Not sure why the sudden onslaught of these posts, but three good ones out there all of a sudden on whether the West (and we Western bloggers, in particular) look at China through racist, post-colonialist or paternalistic eyes.

Ryan McLaughlin started it off in his post, Am I a Racist? He concludes that though he may be an asshole, he is not a racist. I have read enough of Ryan’s posts to concur with his assessment regarding racism and even to dispute his assessment regarding his being an asshole. I will say though that I had a prurient interest in his little tiff with Shanghai Shopgirl [link no longer exists]. Being the father of a teenager (which Shanghai Shopgirl appears to be), I knew Ryan would end up losing that battle.

The 88s Blog has a post, entitled, “But I Care About China,” [link no longer exists] in which he states that China has taught him to live his principles, not teach them. The Black and White Cat (a really good blog, BTW) follows up where 88s left off, in a post entitled, “Do they really need to be saved?” [link no longer exists] He sees the West’s so-called caring as extending only to non-White countries. Though I really like his post, I disagree with him on this because I have seen the exact same sort of condescending treatment China often receives applied to Eastern Europe as well.

For other perspectives on this issue, check out the following:

I am a bit troubled by the somewhat racist tilt some are taking with respect to the recent spat of product quality problems coming out of Cahin, especially comments implying there is something “inherent” with the Chinese going on here. But, I do not see dealing with the facts as racist and I have seen very little evidence of racism in the better China blogs.

What do you think?