Just saw that Sam Flemming at China Word of Mouth Blog has tagged me for what is called a blog meme. Sam was tagged by the Net Savvy Executive Blog, who was tagged by the Resonance Partnership Blog, who was tagged by Diva Marketing Blog, who was tagged by Shel Israel, of Global Neighborhoods, who is a pretty famous guy….

What this means is that I have to list five things you don’t know about me. Reminds me of those horrible chain letters to which I never responded as a child, but for fear of a fate worse than death, I am going to keep this one alive. I put China in the title of this post because I cannot even remember the last time I did a post without China or Chinese in the title and I fear bad things will happen to me if I leave it out.

It does not help that Sam’s life sounds so much more interesting than mine, but here goes:

1.  I feel it is my duty to watch just about every movie. During a particularly hot day while I was in law school, I sat through four straight movies, including Porky’s — it may even have been Porky’s II, I am not sure.  This three day weekend I saw Little Miss Sunshine (much worse than I expected), Charlotte’s Web (well done, but strictly for kids), Pursuit of Happyness (better than I expected) and Dreamgirls (every bit as good as I expected). Saw Dreamgirls on Christmas Day, a day after James Brown died. I have not read a novel since polishing off The Kite Runner in one day about two years ago and before that it was Crime and Punishment in 1981.  My father is a retired English professor and I have nothing against novels; it’s just that movies do the same thing (or nearly so) for me and in about 1/10 the time. I admit this makes me a Philistine.

2.  I majored in French not because of an overwhelming interest in it, but because I knew it would be easy because I had lived in France when I was a kid and because the most beautiful girl at my college was leaving for France the next semester and I knew going on that program would increase my odds of getting a date. She is now my wife.

3. If there is reincarnation, I spent a prior life in Japan. I seem to have an amazing facility to understand Japanese and an amazing ability to find my way around Japan. I was in the courthouse in Sapporo anxiously awaiting a judge’s decision in a crucial case. I was in a hot stuffy room making small talk with local Japan counsel when the tension and cigarette smoke told me I had to leave. I wanted ice cream and peace and quiet. I just started walking as though I knew where I was going and it turned out I did. I ended up at a beautiful park with a tiny ice cream store (this was the only store in this completely residential neighborhood) at its border. I bought ice cream and the shopkeeper smiled at me as though she knew I would be showing up. I felt I had been to both the store and the park before. I eat Japanese food just about every day, sometimes twice a day.

4.   The most important class I ever took was typing. My parents insisted I take it during high school and I am just so glad they did.  Definitely more helpful to me than the international law course I took in law school. Not kidding. Not sure if there is a moral to this, but it seems there has to be.

5.  Bob Dylan, Walter Payton, Marvin Gaye, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Henry (Scoop) Jackson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther KingJr., the people I looked up to when I was a kid and, to a certain extent, still do.   For years I wanted to be the next Pistol Pete; I now live my basketball dreams through my daughters, both of whom (I am certain) can beat Sam’s kid in hoops.

Next up for tagging (you’re it):

Please don’t hate me.

  • I’m not all that famous. I still don’t get the best table in restaurants and I have to wait my turn in the supermarket checkout line.
    I certainly wish someone had urged me to study typing. I have never memorized the keyboard and still type with two fingers at an amazingly fast but inaccurate clip.

  • serwat

    Ha. 🙂 So this is the grown up version of the notes we passed in elementary school. Thanks for sharing. Amazing how well our little games stay with us through technology changes. Though, instead of your teacher posting your note on the bulletin board for the whole class to read, you’ve willingly posted it for the world to see. Says something about our changing expectations of privacy? the disintegration of the wall between personal and public?
    And I agree that Typing in 10th grade was the most important class I took.

  • Mr. Isreal —
    Thank you for checking in.
    Everything is relative. You are certainly famous in the blog/tech world and I guess the restaurant and check out people just don’t know that. Or maybe you are just not so good at leveraging your celebrityhood.
    I wish someone had urged me to study computers, but in my day the big thing was “plastics.”

  • Serwat —
    Thanks for checking in. I learned early on that the way to avoid having your teacher post your note was to use unpostable language. However, this was also a good way to get the school to call my parents.
    Go typing! I actually had a very bright client who headed up the Seattle office of a Fortune 500 company. We would talk through the legal things his division needed to do and then he would ask me to write the memo to the head office for him. His typing took him forever and he would pay me lawyer rates to type interoffice memoranda for him.
    Then again, I always say that if you pay my regular rate, I will mow your lawn. Never been asked to do this, but the offer is still out there….

  • Susumu

    I am happy to hear about your special affinity for Japanese food and Japan. It is also interesting to know why you majored in French.
    Oh,but I must admit my eyes are turning from black to green after knowing your French class helped you marry the most beautiful girl at your college. Umm…Green-eyed monster in JAPAN?

  • Susumu —
    Thanks for checking in.
    I do love Japan, unfortunately, my work seldom takes me there.

  • “amazing facility to understand Japanese”…
    Urrrggg… Luky man 🙂

  • Boris —
    Thanks for checking in. In all fairness, my “amazing facility” is limited to things like being able to figure out what is being said about which subway train to get on and how much a bowl costs.

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