I have always hated the person who stakes out a favorite musical group/movie/book/TV show/restaurant just to show that he or she knows somebody nobody else does. We all know and hate people who do this, right?

Well I finally get to be one of those people.

Yesterday I discovered a really good blog on China business (mostly IT and outsourcing) that is not yet on the blogosphere’s radar. It’s the “This is China! Weblog, ” appropriately subtitled, “Doing Business in China, Investment Trends, Advice and Adventure from Inside China.” It is written by  William R. Dodson, who heads up Silk Road Advisors, which describes itself as advising “Western companies entering into the China market and managing businesses in china. Silk Road has offices in Chicago, Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou (where Mr. Dodson lives). It’s the best China business blog not yet on the radar.

It took me all of one post to realize this blog is written by someone who knows China business.  I just added it to our blogroll.

So there.