In the category of things better seen than described is this post on Google Maps Mania with really good, high-tech, maps of China, and of Shanghai (including the subway), in particular.

  • I really like the subway layout thought… nice touch.
    Careful though… I figure it is about 2 years old as the second stage of Plaza 66 is without footprint, Grand Gateway is only half constructed (south tower is noticably behind schedule), and the Maori development is still in limbo.
    For another fun map, check out someone really had a lot of extra time on their hands with this.

  • Katie

    Thanks Dan. This link is very useful. I had been previously frustated with the lack of mapping tools. Thanks a bunch.

  • All Roads (RB)
    Thanks for checking in and noting the shortcomings. I went to the site to which you linked, but could not get it to really work — kept getting “errors” on the page.

  • Katie —
    Thanks for checking in.
    You are very welcome.