In the “we are not above shameless self-promotion category,” we cannot resist pointing out that the Wall Street Journal Blog posted today on our recent story of the Chinese company suing a U.S. company for patent infringement. To make sure everyone gets the good parts, I am quoting liberally from the post, “Chinese Company Sues U.S. Firm For Patent Infringement:

From the turnabout-is-fair-play-department: a Chinese company has sued a U.S. company in the United States for patent infringement. China-based Netac Technology Co., a flash memory-chip manufacturer, filed a lawsuit against New Jersey-based PNY Technologies in U.S. District Court in Texas on Feb. 10.

On the China Law Blog, Seattle lawyer Dan Harris sees the lawsuit “as further evidence of increasing maturation of Chinese companies regarding the imporance of both innovation and intellectual property protection.”

Thank you Wall Street Journal.

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