China Lawyers


The International Development Law Organization (IDLO) has invited China Law Blog’s Steve Dickinson to Italy to give a two day series of lectures on international contract law.  Steve will be lecturing in Rome (in English) on May 18 and May 19, 2006.

Steve’s lectures are part of IDLO’s Development Lawyers Course, running in Rome from April 3 to June 9, 2006.  This course provides “a combination of training in legal skills as well as a thorough introduction to subjects closely related to development such as international trade law, international commercial transactions and internationally funded infrastructure projects.  The course is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of junior and mid-level international lawyers to enable them to facilitate the process of economic development in their countries.”  According to IDLO, this “course is intended for junior and mid-level international lawyers and legal advisers to ministries, governmental agencies and other regulatory bodies. Preference is given to international lawyers involved in legal reform, policy development or the negotiation and drafting of international contracts or international investment treaties on behalf of the State. Candidates should have at least 3 years of international law experience.”  Tuition for the full course is $12,500.

Buon viaggio!