Best China attorneys lawyersChina Law Blog is pleased to loudly tout one of its own: Washington CEO Magazine just named co-blogger Steve Dickinson as a “Most Amazing Lawyer.” Steve was one of only five attorneys so honored and we will, of course, be providing more information on this when the March issue comes out. The section on Steve will focus on his China legal work.

We have long thought of Steve as an amazing China attorney and we are delighted at this public confirmation.

  • Steve Dickinson Discusses China Law

    If anyone is an Old China Hand, it is Steve Dickinson. In Mandarin, the Chinese refer to Steve as a zhongguo tong, which is slang describing someone who has been in China so long and knows the culture and language so well that he is Chinese. He was my …

  • olliver

    how many books hav you wrote?

  • He is one of the well known attorneys & great lawyer… kudos to him

  • China’s First Foreign Nail House. Dude, Where’s Your Contract?

    Lara Farrar and Xie Yu wrote an excellent article for the China Daily and AsiaOne on the recent controversy swirling around what is being called China’s first foreign nail house case. The article is entitled, “1st foreigner ‘nail household’ in China,” …