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On Doing Investment Research In China As A WFOE. Not Legal.

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One of the things we are always preaching on this blog is the need to first ask whether what you are proposing to do in China is legal or not. I am always telling of how a company once contacted us, bragging about the huge amount it had spent on market research and proudly proclaiming… Continue Reading

How To Shut Down Your China Business. It Ain’t Easy.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

Every few months we get a call from someone wanting to shut down their China WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Entity a/k/a WFOE or Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise). Interestingly, these calls usually come from companies who have been in China for a long time (average time, maybe ten years). Their reasons for seeking to leave China… Continue Reading

Leasing Requirements For A China WFOE To Be

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I have always had trouble getting my head around the fact that to secure approval of a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE or WOFE) in China, the WFOE must first lease appropriate space. But how can a yet to exist entity do anything, much less lease space? In my email box this morning was an… Continue Reading

Cracking Down On Illegal Land Use In China. Do You Really Still Feel Lucky, Foreign Punk?

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The following is an amalgamation of a number (maybe 5 or 6) of conversations I have had over the years with people wanting to register a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity) in China fast: Potential Client: Can you help me register a WFOE in China. Me: Yes. Not a problem. Do you have a lease… Continue Reading

The Basics Of Getting Your Business Into China By WFOE/WOFE

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Great post over at DiligenceChina, entitled, “China Business Entry: Business Registration is a Group Project,” [link no longer exists]on how to get your business into China. I love the post because it is written from the perspective of a highly educated and knowledgeable businessperson (NYU MBA with substantial China business experience), rather than by a… Continue Reading