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The End Of Cheap China. The Next China Will Be The Post-China 16. Maybe.

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A Vietnam consultant friend of mine sent me a Stratfor article (from about a year ago) talking about how rising labor costs in China were slowly causing low-end manufacturing to leave China for other countries, seeking my thoughts on the article. Stratfor’s theory is essentially that clothing manufacturing and mobile phone assembly are precursors to other industries… Continue Reading

China Attorneys With LLM Degrees. Where Are The US Law Jobs?

Posted in Legal News

A while back we brought on a fully qualified Chinese attorney as a paralegal in our law firm. This person was working on obtaining her paralegal certificate at a local university. I asked her why she was pursuing a paralegal certificate, rather than going for an LLM degree (an advanced law degree), as is commonly… Continue Reading

Doing Business in China with an Asia Strategy

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Had a great discussion with a bunch of our China lawyers the other day regarding how so many of our clients are expanding in Asia beyond China and of how so many of them have an Asia strategy, of which China is just one large part and usually initial part. We then talked of how… Continue Reading

China’s Internet And Protecting Your China IP

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A few months ago, a couple of our China lawyers did a project for a company looking for various ways to bring its internet game to China.  Now that the project is over, I cleaned up my files and came across an initial email interaction between the client and me, that went something like the… Continue Reading

Can China Innovate? Is Failure An Option?

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BBC did an hour-long show today with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the groundbreaking book, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.   Taleb’s thesis is that we humans tend to be “blind” to major (a/k/a black swan) events. During the show, an audience member who announced that he was from Vietnam, asked… Continue Reading

Where To Locate In China? Or Why Weifang Isn’t Suzhou.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

I am constantly telling our clients that just because something happens one way in Shanghai does not mean it is going to happen the same way in Datong.  It is more than cliche to say that China is a big and diverse country.  Shanghai has some of the most sophisticated infrastructure in the world, while… Continue Reading

Why China Is Better Than Russia For Business

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My friend Kent Kedl co-wrote an article for the Moscow Times today, entitled, Why Russia Is Just as Good as China.  In that article, Kent (who knows China as well as anyone) tries to argue that businesses should be just as interested in Russia as they are in China and that corruption in Russia is no… Continue Reading

China Hostage Situations. More Common Than Most Think, But Not Really A Big Issue.

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The mainstream media has given massive coverage to workers in China holding Chip Starnes, the president of an American company, hostage for alleged non-payment of wages.  Just as we usually do whenever a hostage taking hits the press, we ran our own blog post, The Single Best Way To Avoid Being Taken Hostage In China, setting… Continue Reading

China Has Become So Popular, Nobody Goes There Anymore.

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I spent much of last week in Chicago meeting with “China people” and “talking China” and I left there with one inescapable conclusion:  China is changing.  No drum roll please. Of course China is changing you are saying, but how?  The conclusion is that China is getting more difficult for foreign companies, but why and… Continue Reading

Will China Avoid The Middle Income Trap? Four Ways To Make That Likely

Posted in China Business

I am fascinated by the “Middle-Income Trap,” particularly as it applies to China. The Middle Income Trap is used to describe a developing economy that stalls out after a period of rapid growth before it becomes a developed economy.  My shorthand view of it is that it is relatively easy to go from being an… Continue Reading

China Is Getting Tougher On Foreign Business. Stay Flexible And It Will Be Just Fine…

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One of the themes of this blog for years has been that China is making things tougher for foreign businesses by increasing the strength of its business laws and by stepping up its enforcement of them against foreign companies.  We hear that the same thing is happening to Chinese domestic companies, but starting from a… Continue Reading

China Factories Moving In Droves To Cambodia/Vietnam/Myanmar/Malaysia. NOT.

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Ever since the New York Times did an article, Wary of China, Companies Head to Cambodia, on how companies are leaving China for Cambodia, there has been a whole host of media and blog play and real life discussion about how “everyone” is leaving China for places like Cambodia or Myanmar or Vietnam or Indonesia. The… Continue Reading

China’s Changing Economy And What It Means For You

Posted in China Business

Excellent economic analysis of China by Yiping Huang, a professor of Economics at Peking University and at the China Economy Program at the Australian National University and Barclay Bank Hong Kong’s Chief Economist for Asia.  His analysis can be found in an EastAsiaForum article, entitled, “China’s New Growth,” in which Huang talks of how the Chinese government is… Continue Reading

China Still The Place For Manufacturing

Posted in China Business

There have been countless articles written on how the end of cheap China will mean the end of foreign companies going to China, but that has barely happened at all.  This article, “Analysis: Investors make $100 billion bet on China’s drive up value chain,” by Kevin Yao of Reuters, nicely encapsulates what is going on… Continue Reading

Ruminations On The Meaning Of Toilet Paper/Poisoned Food In China. Morality Play Or Meaningless Drivel?

Posted in China Business, China Travel

A story I always tell — heck I told it earlier this week — about China revolves around toilet paper. My story is as follows: A year or so ago I was in Vietnam visiting my daughter, who was there studying.  We were in an airport when I walked away to go to a rest… Continue Reading

Vietnam Over China For Small-Scale Manufacturing. Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Posted in China Business

I constantly hear that China manufacturing is cheap only for manufacturing in fairly large scale. Many (most?) Chinese factories are geared up for large orders and large production runs and they oftentimes reject smaller orders or price them prohibitively high. This “go big or go home” mentality/capability also holds true for companies that make a… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China, Part VI. Vietnam, Burma/Myanmar, Globalization, The Next Big Thing, And Falling Wages.

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One of the things that I love about my job is hearing about the next big thing. Most next big things never actually become a big thing, but the fun is in the sorting. It seems that any time I get together with a client, the discussion invariably turns to the “next” country, with “next”… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China, With A Giant Caveat.

Posted in China Business

The Boston Consulting Group came out with an excellent piece last year, entitled, “Made in America, Again: Why Manufacturing Will Return to the United States.” An excellent summary of that article can be found here, from which I pull the following: Within the next five years, the United States is expected to experience a manufacturing… Continue Reading

Will India Challenge China?

Posted in China Business

Just read a very interesting post, entitled, “Will India Challenge China? Not yet.” The post is by GE Anderson over at the ChinaBizGov blog. I know GE Anderson to be one very smart guy (with a Ph.d and an upcoming book to prove it) and one damn fine analyst of things China, particularly those things… Continue Reading

China Polyester Writ Large.

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Just read an excellent article describing what is happening with China’s textile industry, in light of China’s most recent (and quite recent) Five Year Plan. The article is entitled, “Five-Year Plan launches China textiles on a new course,” but before any of you non-textile people flee this post, let me tell you: DON’T. This post… Continue Reading

Service In China. Good Luck With That.

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I love it when my wild assertions are proven right. I am always writing about how terrible the service is at China’s hotels and restaurants and I have often posited that service in China is the worst in the world. In “This Is China. I Laughed, I Cried,” I wrote about a blogger’s “Kafkaesque situation… Continue Reading

Korea As China Test Market. But Why?

Posted in China Business

The Korea Law Blog did a post, entitled, “Enter the Korean Market — Then Enter China and Japan,” positing that companies use Korea as a test market for China: The Secretary General [of the EU Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Jean–Jacques Grauhar] mentioned something that I think all global businesses should recognize. He notes that:… Continue Reading

Chengdu China For Your Business? The Podcast.

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If you are thinking of setting up a business in Chengdu, I urge you to listen to AmCham’s recent podcast interview with Bill Marshak, the Principal Commercial Officer at the US Consulate in Chengdu Sichuan. Bill is a college friend of co-blogger Steve Dickinson and I had the pleasure of meeting Bill the last time… Continue Reading