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Doing Business With China. The Ten Keys.

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A friend emailed me a post the other day and asked me if I agreed with him that it was the “most helpful post your blog has done for helping foreign companies doing business with China.” My response was that I wasn’t sure, but that it certainly ranked up there and that it had been… Continue Reading

China IP Litigation Exploding And What That Means For Those Doing Business In China

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Just came across an interesting post with a not so interesting title on the China IPR Blog: IP Developments in Beijing.  The post starts out discussing how “due to the rapid increase in IP cases in the Beijing Number 1 Intermediate Court, particularly IP cases involving patent and trademark validity, the Beijing Intermediate Court will split its… Continue Reading

China Branded Products In The United States. When Will They Find True Love?

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Many years ago, a company that manufactured outdoor products that it sold in hardware stores across America came to us with the following problem: Its Chinese manufacturer had (through a straw person) registered in China about a dozen trademarks that our new client used on its outdoor products.  More importantly, the Chinese manufacturer had just… Continue Reading

Doing Business In China. Not That Bad.

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Back in April last year, I spoke at an Economist Magazine Business Without Borders event on China.  I mostly spoke about intellectual property protections in China, but my introduction dealt with China’s legal system as a whole.  Video of my introduction (but not the whole talk, near as I can tell) is online and was… Continue Reading

Sourcing Product From China. An In Depth Look.

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When I saw that Law Student Daniel Reiter (a third-year at Suffolk University Law School in Boston) had written a law school paper on sourcing product from China, I asked him to send it to me.  When I saw how good Daniel’s law school paper is, I asked him if I could run it on the… Continue Reading

A Webinar For Companies/Inside Counsel Doing Business With China. February 20, 2013.

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On February 20 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, I will be co-presenting a China law webinar, along with Andrea Charters, Vice President and Associate General Counsel of Rosetta Stone Inc. LexisNexis is sponsorig this webinar and, incredibly enough, it is entirely free. We will be gearing our presentations towards in house counsel and together we will be addressing the… Continue Reading

How To Protect Your IP From China. Part 5.

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This is the final part of a series arising from a speech I gave last month at a biotechnology conference in Washington DC. In How To Protect Your IP From China. Part 1, I mostly looked at the risks China poses to intellectual property and very generally on how companies can determine how those risks should… Continue Reading

IMAX/DMAX As Textbook Example Of What Happens To Foreign Technology In China

Posted in China Film Industry, Legal News

Stan Abrams has a thought pondering post up on his China Hearsay blog, entitled, “DMAX: This is What Happens to Foreign Technology Companies in China.” The post is on a Chinese rival to IMAX, called DMAX and Stan concludes his post by saying he expects “to see this written up as a case study for… Continue Reading

An ABC To Losing Your China IP

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Fascinating article up on the Wall Street Journal, written by Geoff Nairn and entitled, “Patents are a Virtue,” and subtitled, “China is a land of opportunity for business, but it is also a land of counterfeiting and intellectual property theft.” The article is on counterfeiting in China and the various innovative ways companies act to… Continue Reading

Patent Litigation In China. The Book. And It Is Good….

Posted in Legal News, Recommended Reading

Though i keep saying this, I will say it again: there are now a number of really good practice-oriented English language books on Chinese law. I can remember not so long ago when people would ask me to recommend books to help them better understand what they needed to know regarding China Law and my… Continue Reading

Protecting Hollywood Films In China Makes Sense For China.

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I was fortunate enough to have been invited to attend a recent session in Beijing convened by Nancy E. Kremers, the Senior IP Attaché to the US Embassy here. The purpose of the session was for intellectual property lawyers from US firms, together with representatives of IP-dependent US companies, to brief the Attaché on current… Continue Reading

How And Why To Trademark In China.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

If you are doing business in or with China you should give serious thought to registering your trademarks in China. In particular, you should consider a China trademark registration for your trade-name, your logo and your service marks. Brand identity is critical for success in China (as it is just about everywhere) and if you… Continue Reading

Protecting Your Intellectual Property In China, Part I.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

This post is part I of what is going to be a multi-part, somewhat irregular series on protecting your IP in China. This part I and tomorrow’s part II, were written by Steve Dickinson, and are based in large part on a talk Steve gave last week in Qingdao. Over the last couple of years,… Continue Reading

The Most Common China Law Issues.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, China Business, Legal News

Clients, potential clients and the press are always asking me what foreign companies that do business in China need to know to stay out of legal trouble.  Next time I get such a question, I will refer them to the list below as it sets out the most common legal issues foreign companies face when… Continue Reading

Yes Virginia, There Is IP Protection In China.

Posted in Internet, Legal News

A couple weeks ago, I did a post entitled, No IP Enforcement In China. That Cannot Be True, in which I talked about how it is just not true that Chinese courts will not enforce a foreign company’s intellectual property rights against a Chinese defendant. I then discussed a recent high profile and high damage… Continue Reading

Steve Dickinson On The State Of China Law, Pt. 1: The Law Itself

Posted in Legal News

Technomic Asia’s Chinese Business Podcast interviewed CLB’s own Steve Dickinson the other day and we now have a transcript of that interview. It is rather long, so we will be breaking it out into parts, based mostly on the subject matter. This first part deals with the evolution of Chinese law, in general. The interviewer… Continue Reading

Chinese Copycats Threaten US Firms, But Misinformation Is A Big Threat Too

Posted in Legal News

NBC’s World Blog has a post today on Chinese “copycats” to coincide with the just completed China-U.S. trade talks. It is entitled Copycats Threaten U.S. (and Chinese) Firms, and it is of the “hey, we need to trot out a story on Chinese copycats, so go talk to this company whose product is being copied” genre…. Continue Reading

China IP — The Best Protection Is Prevention

Posted in Internet, Legal News

A client recently directed me to a U.S. government web site on IP protection in China and asked me if it is accurate.  Not only is it accurate, but it does as good a job as I have seen in distilling the basics of China IP law into a readable form. Entitled, The Best Protection… Continue Reading

A Legal Checklist For China Business

Posted in Legal News

Lawyers love checklist and China lawyers are, of course, no exception. Me, I love clients, not only because they are the lifeblood of my law firm and thus my livelihood, but also because they so often are the ones who stimulate the ideas for this blog. I just spoke with a client who asked me… Continue Reading

Danone v. Wahaha — Which Of Us Is The Most China Rookie?

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‘You sit by yourself grasshopper. What do you think of?’ -Master Po ‘My mother, my father. Both gone. I am alone.’ ‘You hear the flock of birds flying overhead? You hear the fish? The beetle?’ To all of this the young Caine nods. ‘In this crowded place you feel alone. Which of us is the… Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS: CLB’s Steve Dickinson To Appear On CCTV To Discuss China IP

Posted in Legal News

On Thursday, April 19, China time, China Law Blog’s own China lawyer, Steve Dickinson, will be appearing on CCTV International’s Dialogue program to discuss China intellectual property protection (trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets). The focus of the show will be on China’s current regime for protecting IP and, in particular, its impact on foreign… Continue Reading

Protecting Your China IP By Forum Shopping

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Excellent article over at Managing Intellectual Property, entitled, Forum shopping comes to China [link no longer exists].  (h/t to IP Dragon). It’s written by four lawyers from mega law firm, Jones Day: Benjamin Bai, Tony Chen, Xiang Wang, and Peter Wang, with research assistance from Lisheng Hao. The article’s tag-line is “that sophisticated Chinese companies accused of… Continue Reading