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Trademark Registration for Companies That WON’T Be Doing Business In China. Do You Want Some Fries With That?

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A few weeks ago, the China Law internet and listserve (yes, we lawyer-nerds still have a China Law listserve) was abuzz with an article on In-N-Out-Burger’s China trademark troubles. Surprisingly, the article was written by a just graduated law student.  I contacted that recent law school grad to request that he do a shortened version… Continue Reading

How To Protect Your Trademark In China; How To Stop Your Distributor From “Stealing” Your Trademark

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As often as we write about the need to register your trademarks in China, we have never written about how common it is for your China distributor to take your trademark and of how easy it is to prevent that.  I thought of this last week after receiving yet another phone call where this had… Continue Reading

Registering Place Names As China Trademarks. Yes And No.

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One of the rules for filing a trademark in China is that geographical names are generally off limits.  This can be both good and bad.  If you make Seattle Suckers in China strictly for export from China, this is a good thing. It is a good thing because it means you do not need to… Continue Reading

China’s Changing Trademark Environment. Why You Need To Register Your Trademark Now.

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By:  Steve Dickinson Registration of trademarks in China has become essential for doing business in China. We have long advocated prompt China trademark registration with our clients. For companies that manufacture and export from China, registration of the English language trademark is essential. For companies that sell products and services in China, registration of the… Continue Reading

Selling Your Product Into China. What You Need To Know.

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ABC News is pushing (I received two different emails from ABC on it) a Diane Sawyer/ABC News clip entitled, “‘Made in America’ Products Selling in China.” Though it is the proverbial 3.28 minute puff piece, it is right on the big picture. There are huge opportunities to sell American product and American products are viewed… Continue Reading

How And Why To Trademark In China.

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If you are doing business in or with China you should give serious thought to registering your trademarks in China. In particular, you should consider a China trademark registration for your trade-name, your logo and your service marks. Brand identity is critical for success in China (as it is just about everywhere) and if you… Continue Reading

Ten Steps To Starting A China Business.

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Inc. Magazine just came out with an article today that does a nice job setting out the basics for foreigners starting a business in China. The article is by Issie Lapowsky and it is entitled, “10 Steps to Starting a Business in China.”  Its ten steps are as follows. I have tried to pull the… Continue Reading

Trademark Protection In The Global (And China) Marketplace

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Trademarks are among the most important assets of any company. Indeed, if it weren’t for trademarks, customers would be unlikely to even find a company’s products. Naturally, then, most U.S. companies want to protect these essential and valuable assets to the greatest extent possible and therefore make sure that they are registered with the United… Continue Reading

China: Counterfeiting And Piracy — The Issue And The Challenge

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This is the second of my posts on the United State’s Patent and Trademark Office’s two-day conference on “Protecting Your Intellectual Property In China and The Global Marketplace” I attended last week.  My first post, “Nike On China IP Protection:  Just Do It With Green Tea,” was based on a speech by Kevin R. Brown,… Continue Reading