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Manufacturing Agreements For China. How Exclusive Agreements Work And Why.

Posted in Legal News

Our clients often ask that we put a provision into their manufacturing agreements prohibiting their Chinese manufacturer from making the same product for anyone else. This naturally leads to a long discussion, that often goes somewhat like the following, using a laptop computer bag as the example: China Lawyer:  What do you mean by a… Continue Reading

How To Respond To China IP Infringement. Watching The Sausage Get Made.

Posted in Internet, Legal News

As China lawyers, we are all too frequently contacted by our clients who need help dealing with IP infringement in China.  As a first step, we analyze the situation and propose a course of action.  The following is an amalgamation of memoranda, done so as to convey both what goes on out there and how… Continue Reading

China Domain Name Scams. It’s Still A Scam!

Posted in China Business, Legal News

We wrote on China domain name scams last year, but since we are seeing an increase in these from our clients and readers, we are going to write on it again.  Just about everyone doing business in China or doing business with China gets or will get one or more of the following: 1.  Preventing… Continue Reading

Chinese Court Holds Firm On Viagra Trademark Infringement

Posted in Legal News

According to the Wall Street Journal, Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court just upheld a Chinese lower court ruling and ordered two Chinese companies to cease selling knockoffs of the impotency drug Viagra and to compensate Pfizer for trademark infringement. The Intermediate People’s Court ordered Beijing Health New Concept Pharmacy Company and Lianhuan Pharmaceutical Company… Continue Reading