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Doing Business In China. Not That Bad.

Posted in China Business, Internet

Back in April last year, I spoke at an Economist Magazine Business Without Borders event on China.  I mostly spoke about intellectual property protections in China, but my introduction dealt with China’s legal system as a whole.  Video of my introduction (but not the whole talk, near as I can tell) is online and was… Continue Reading

Now That You Have Your China Trademark, What Next?

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

We here at China Law Blog constantly emphasize the need to secure trademark registrations in China, as evidenced by the China trademark posts below: China: Do Just One Thing. Trademarks. WHEN To Register Your China Trademark. China Trademarks — Do You Feel Lucky? Do You? Register Your China Trademark Or Go Home Register Your China… Continue Reading

China Trademarks. Doing Them With Class.

Posted in Basics of China Business Law, Legal News

As we have written many times over the years, if you are selling goods into China, sourcing goods from China, or even just doing business in China or with China, you probably should be registering a trademark in China for your logos and brand names. China is a first-to-file country and it requires no evidence… Continue Reading

How To Do Business In China, With Wine

Posted in China Business

The North Bay Business Journal published an article last week on American wine producers’ and exporters’ burgeoning wine sales to Chinese distributors, entitled, “For wineries, China presents obstacles along with opportunity.” [link no longer exists] The article highlights some of the same issues we addressed in two earlier posts, China: Get Thee to a Winery… Continue Reading