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The End Of Cheap China. The Next China Will Be The Post-China 16. Maybe.

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A Vietnam consultant friend of mine sent me a Stratfor article (from about a year ago) talking about how rising labor costs in China were slowly causing low-end manufacturing to leave China for other countries, seeking my thoughts on the article. Stratfor’s theory is essentially that clothing manufacturing and mobile phone assembly are precursors to other industries… Continue Reading

Engaging China Blog. China Economics Blog. They’re Baaaack.

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Every few days I make a point to go to the China section of AllTop News.  Not sure how to describe AllTop so I will simply crib its description straight from its site: The purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you. You may… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China: Rising Wages And Their Impact.

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We have written countless posts bemoaning the end of cheap China and discussing how that is going to impact companies doing business in China.  We have also written countless posts discussing the countries we see coming to the fore as China replacements.  Obviously, companies are going to need to make very complicated and fact-laden decisions… Continue Reading

China Still The Place For Manufacturing

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There have been countless articles written on how the end of cheap China will mean the end of foreign companies going to China, but that has barely happened at all.  This article, “Analysis: Investors make $100 billion bet on China’s drive up value chain,” by Kevin Yao of Reuters, nicely encapsulates what is going on… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China: Low Costs Eroding

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Just read a really excellent Foreign Policy article, entitled, “The end of the Asian Miracle.” [link no longer exists]  The article is written by Antoine Van Agtmael, “the investment guru who coined the term ’emerging markets.’”  To grossly summarize, the thesis is that the following five pending “game changers” could bode ill for China and… Continue Reading

Want to Succeed In China? Do The Right Thing.

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Too good a line not to repeat. It is from the China Business Leadership Blog, in a post entitled Is the End of Cheap China the End of China for the West?  The post is on how AmCham’s recent China business climate survey reveals that “82 percent of respondents surveyed plan to increase investment in… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China. What Does It Mean, Anyway?

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Since we started this blog back in 2006, we wrote of how you should expect and prepare for China wages and other prices to rise. In our very first month, way back in January, 2006, in a post entitled, “China is Booming, Go There for Growth,” we warned of rising China prices: This article discusses… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China, Part V. Even More On How YOU Must Prepare For It.

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In part IV of our continuing series on the end of cheap China and the impacts arising from that, co-blogger Steve Dickinson wrote about the increased risks product buyers are facing from their China-based manufacturers. That post concluded with Steve talking about why paying your Chinese manufacturer in advance for product can be so risky…. Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China, Part IV. More On How YOU Must Prepare For It.

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By: Steve Dickinson In my previous post in this series on the end of cheap China, I noted that the risks relating to purchases from Chinese manufacturers are rising in the export sector in China’s Eastern provinces. Given the risks, it surprises me that I still see many buyers who continue to use the worst… Continue Reading

The End of Cheap China. Part II.

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Last week, we did a post enttitled, “The End of Cheap China, With A Giant Caveat.” The point of that post was to pick up on the widespread discussion regarding the end of cheap China, but to highlight how this “end” has, and will continue to, impact foreign companies very differently. Our initial “end of… Continue Reading

The End Of Cheap China, With A Giant Caveat.

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The Boston Consulting Group came out with an excellent piece last year, entitled, “Made in America, Again: Why Manufacturing Will Return to the United States.” An excellent summary of that article can be found here, from which I pull the following: Within the next five years, the United States is expected to experience a manufacturing… Continue Reading

China Is Expensive — NOT. Go Second Tier And Life Will Be Good.

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The China media story du jour seems to have shifted recently from raves about two dollar meals to stories on how China is getting too expensive for business.  This new line says wages in China are up, good Chinese employees are difficult to find, and foreign companies are leaving China for cheaper and more abundant… Continue Reading