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Myths About China Law And Business

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Been a bit consumed preparing for a China seminar I am co-hosting.  Today I spoke with Sage Brennan, one of the consumer products panelists and we ran through some possible questions.  I threw out the following question as a possibility:  “What are some of the most pervasive myths you see about the Chinese consumer.”  Sage’s… Continue Reading

Bad China Product? Watch Out If They Threaten To Sue YOU.

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Spoke the other day with a company that was contemplating suing a Chinese factory regarding bad product. This company bought about $300,000 in product that it simply cannot use. When it told its Chinese supplier of this and then held back its final ~$100,000 payment, the Chinese company said it planned to sue. This company… Continue Reading

Suing Chinese Companies. “How Long Has This Been Going On?”

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Yesterday, I participated in a phone call with a client and another lawyer in my office. We were discussing a draft of a worldwide software licensing agreement the counter-party had provided to our client. Fairly late in the discussion, I asked what law the agreement was calling for and then noted how that is oftentimes… Continue Reading

How To Sue A Chinese Company. Part II. Discovery.

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This is part II of our series on how to sue a Chinese company. This series of posts addresses what to do should you want to seek redress against a Chinese company that owes you money or has wronged you. It is based on an article I recently had published (along with one of my… Continue Reading

Why United States Lawsuits Against Chinese Companies Are Trending Up. Just Follow The Money.

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I hate when I have to be vague for attorney-client reasons, but at the same time, I also hate not writing on something really pressing and important. The problem is that the times I have to get vague often correspond with those times when I have important and current information. This is one of those… Continue Reading