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Signing And Chopping A China Contract. It’s Complicated.

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“Stole” the below from an email on which I was cc’ed from one of my firm’s China lawyers setting forth who from a China SOE (State Owned Entity) should sign its China contract. 1. SOEs have business licenses just like other Chinese companies. 2. Each Chinese company has only one “legal representative” (a term of… Continue Reading

Should China Kill The Electric Car? A Study in Capital Misallocation.

Posted in China Business

I know I have been writing too much lately regarding China’s economy and I know that much of what I have written has been negative. But I have to tell you that I am starting to see all sorts of fissures breaking out in China’s economy and they are scaring the hell out of me…. Continue Reading

There Is No Protectionism In China

Posted in China Business, China Film Industry, Internet

Now that I have your attention with my Global Times-ish headline on protectionism in China, I am going to backtrack. The protectionism that people attribute to China is wrong. I have become convinced that the protectionism that people tend to attribute to China does not really exist, or at least barely so. The Chinese government… Continue Reading

China. Smells Like 2008, Gloom And Doom Edition.

Posted in China Business

I know nobody wants to hear this and I know this is going to cause me to get hate mail from those whose livelihoods are tied in to China’s continuing to boom, but I am seeing all sorts of bad news on the horizon with respect to China’s economy. A client meeting yesterday was the… Continue Reading

No Discrimination Against Foreign Business In China. China Daily Doth Protest Too Much.

Posted in China Business

I have been practicing international law for so long that I can understand English language lawyer emails from just about anywhere in the world, pretty much no matter how poor the English. I love getting an email in Kanglish (Korean-English) or Chinglish (Chinese-English) and showing it to someone else who has absolutely no clue what… Continue Reading

China Private Entrepreneurs Rising — Even In Mao’s Hometown

Posted in China Business, Internet

The Wall Street Journal just did an interesting story on growing private entrepreneurship in China, entitled, “China’s Entrepreneurs Offer a New Path: Best Hope for Country’s Economy May Lie With Private Enterprise, But Inexperience Could Hurt Effort.” The article focuses on Broad Ltd., a Changsha(Hunan province) company that manufactures giant cooling systems that do not… Continue Reading

China’s Golden Cities — The Private Sector Is A Good Thing

Posted in China Business

Newsweek International just ran a story, entitled, “China’s Golden Cities,” [link no longer exists] on the preliminary results of a World Bank study indicating China’s cities are doing much better than widely believed, and not just those cities on the coast.  The study is based on a survey of 12,400 Chinese companies in 120 Chinese… Continue Reading

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Yuan? The Sorry State Of SME And Consumer Lending In China

Posted in China Business

Business and consumer lending in China is behind that in the West and its lack of development hinders both China’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the development of a consumer society.  China does not have good credit databases on either consumers or businesses and its heavily regulated banks are reluctant to lend money to… Continue Reading