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China Still The Place For Manufacturing

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There have been countless articles written on how the end of cheap China will mean the end of foreign companies going to China, but that has barely happened at all.  This article, “Analysis: Investors make $100 billion bet on China’s drive up value chain,” by Kevin Yao of Reuters, nicely encapsulates what is going on… Continue Reading

Foreign Companies In China: A Chasm Between Big And Small.

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David Wolf is someone who just “gets” China and I lap up what he writes about it and I nearly always agree with it. He wrote something the other day on his Silicon Hutong blog to which my first reaction was along the lines of “amen brother, I need to write on this.” What he… Continue Reading

China: Small Is The New Big, Part II

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A recent San Diego Union Tribune article, entitled, Santee go-kart maker cuts costs with shop in China, but move still tricky, is a great example of how small manufacturers can thrive in China. The article’s theme is that China outsourcing is not just for big companies and its focus is on Electra Motorsports in Santee,… Continue Reading

Sneak Peak On China 2007

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Just came across another thoughtful set of predictions for China 2007, this one from Shu-Ching Jean Chen of Forbes Magazine: “The Chinese Communist Party will continue to entrench its one-party rule. It is pursuing a Singapore-model, both on the mainland and in Hong Kong, of managing two seemingly contradictory tasks: ruthlessly stamping out political dissent… Continue Reading

U.S. China Business Conference In Washington D.C.

Posted in Events

George Mason University’s Business Alliance will be putting on a U.S.-China Business conference on January 24, 2007, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC The Chinese Government’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the State Development Investment Company (SDIC), the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA), and George… Continue Reading

China: Small Is The New Big

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Small is the new big in China too. I borrowed that phrase from Seth Godin, from whom I often borrow.  Godin is one of the best and certainly one of the most entertaining of all marketers.  To grossly summarize his marketing thesis, it is that companies must find a story that connects them to their… Continue Reading

The Business Basics For SMEs Doing Business In China

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When it rains it pours.  I know I have been writing a lot lately on what it takes to succeed in doing business in China, but all of a sudden there has been so much good writing on this that I would feel remiss not to put it out there. Anyway, I just came across… Continue Reading

China is Booming — Go There for Growth

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The New York Times just ran an article, entitled, “Chinese Economy Grows to 4th Largest in the World,” which muses that by most measures, China is actually third largest.  Today’s International Herald Tribune ran what could be seen as a complementary article, entitled “World’s CEOs Focus on China for Growth More than Cost.” This article… Continue Reading