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The Sinocism China Newsletter. Who Could Ask For Anything More?

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Every so often I get a scathing comment from an anonymous commenter on how we intentionally ignore such and such blog because we don’t want “the competition.”  That is completely untrue.  We ignore the blogs mentioned because we do not think they have much to say. But there is one site about which I plead… Continue Reading

Beijing v. Shanghai From Two People Who Know

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Virtually nobody gets tired of comparing Beijing and Shanghai, myself included.  There really is a dichotomy, with neither side (yes, “side’) having much appreciation or understanding for the other.  When asked by people who have never been to China to compare the two cities, I usually sum it up by saying something like the following:… Continue Reading

China Grammar Wiki. What A Great Idea!

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I think (and hope) this is the first time we have used an exclamation point in a blog post title and I assure you that this will not become common. I just am so impressed by the idea and the ingenuity and the hard work and the sheer helpfullness of the AllSet Chinese Grammar Wiki…. Continue Reading

Wanna Work In China? Read This

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My friend Ben Ross over at Ben’s Blog just did a post on his recent interview for expatinterviews.com. It makes for really good reading for anyone interested in living and working in China, and not just because he mentioned China Law Blog as one of two blogs that make for essential China reading, with Sinosplice… Continue Reading