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Diversity Is Strength. Where’s China?

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Last month I led a panel discussion at the Washington Council on International Trade’s annual trade conference.  Brad Smith, Microsoft’s General Counsel, gave a great speech at that event and today I just learned that the full transcript of that speech is online. Mr. Smith spoke on what it takes to compete internationally and he stressed… Continue Reading

China Versus India: Hefei as Silicon Valley

Posted in Recommended Reading

Came upon an excellent article in Prospect Magazine, thanks to the China Bystander’s post entitled, “Getting Off The Bottom Rung In India And China.” China Bystander had this to say on the article, itself entitled, “The Silicon Valley of China“: Here is one of those snapshot statistics that throws into sharp relief an entire economy,… Continue Reading

China As Software Center — Give It Ten More Years

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In a recent article, entitled, “China: The Next Software Center,” Leonard Liu, CEO of Augmentum, a Silicon Valley software services company with offices in Shanghai, states China is still years away from becoming a software outsourcing center. Liu notes that no Chinese company comes close to rivaling Indian outsourcing powerhouses like Wipro (WIT), Infosys (INFY),… Continue Reading

Silicon Valley In China — Not Any Time Soon, Well Maybe — Part II

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Just a few days ago we did a short post on whether China is ripe for duplicating Silicon Valley.  To which we gave the lawyer’s favorite answer: maybe. Today, the hugely popular Silicon Beat blog, has a post, entitled, “Wikia & Northern Light: The sucking sounds continue in Silicon Valley and China,” on how key… Continue Reading

Silicon Valley In China — Not Any Time Soon, Well Maybe

Posted in China Business

China Herald poses the question of whether China could have its own Silicon Valley and answers it with a “no.” China Herald answers its question using a list of ten criteria Paul Graham asserts are necessary to duplicate Silicon Valley elsewhere. I do not disagree with The China Herald’s analysis of China pursuant to these… Continue Reading

China Is Expensive — NOT. Go Second Tier And Life Will Be Good.

Posted in China Business

The China media story du jour seems to have shifted recently from raves about two dollar meals to stories on how China is getting too expensive for business.  This new line says wages in China are up, good Chinese employees are difficult to find, and foreign companies are leaving China for cheaper and more abundant… Continue Reading